Sunday, July 17, 2016

Getting Fatter


It is clear now what we have here, I am getting fatter:

Yes, I've been eating out a lot more that my job is on the road.  What was meant to buildup more muscle turned out to be nothing more than a fat builder.  I don't think diabetes is a problem at the moment, but cutting down the sugar is definitely important.  What is important is that I stop eating at fast food places or at least order the salad only.  Will one hamburger or taco destroy me?  Ultimately, yes.  Those calories add up if you don't know what you're in for.  You have to know beforehand what you are getting yourself into.  Before I get any fatter, I want to avoid any of the junk foods out there, especially the dollar menu.  Is the dollar menu worth it?  When I was poor, I would always bum rush the dollar menu.  Now that I'm better off, I should definitely consider my options.  To be healthy, you can't be eating junk food.  No french fries; no ice cream Sundays.  Look, I just ate my way through this year believing that I was going to get gains.  Sadly, it doesn't work out unless you don't have a day job and all you do is workout at the gym.  If you have it in you, working out in the morning can help a lot.  Unfortunately, I don't ever wake up that early in the morning to do a workout as I've pleaded before in my blogs.  What motivates me is that I don't want to wake up feeling fat.  I don't like being fat.  I don't like having a belly.  It isn't so much about looks; I just don't like the feel of a gut hanging out.  It doesn't feel comfortable.  It's worth not having a gut hangout.  By not having a guy, I feel much more confident and that my time here is flowing a lot more freely.  It's burdensome and makes me turn the other cheek.  If anything, my goal for 2016 is to get a little less fatter.  I'm much happier not having a gut.  Not having a gut is one of my simplest goals in life.  One of the most important lessons I've learned is that carbohydrates turn into sugar.  Some of these well known foods include rice, noddles, potatoes, pasta, and even bread!  Believe it or not, it all turns into sugar!  So what is out there that you can eat without getting diabetes!?  Eating fruit and vegetables is always a good source.  Milk, cheese, yogurt, whole wheat bread, black beans, avocado, oatmeal, and anything else that taste like cardboard is a good bet it'll fill you up with vitamins and nutrients without getting you bloated.  From now on, I need to watch my diet a bit better!

Yes, people will call me out, nag at me, say mean things, but the point is not to care.  By not caring, you are in control.  You are control of your emotions, you are in control of who you are, you are in control of who you want to be.  Don't let other people's opinion define who you are.  You know who you are.  This is called confidence, the ability to carry yourself despite of what everyone else may think about you.  The more confident you are, the more you can take control of your life and get what you want.  Hopefully, you want to win; so you'll do whatever it is to reach that goal no matter how difficult; or challenging it maybe; or whatever anyone else says.  A lot of times, I just don't want to give a f*ck anymore.  Somehow, my motivation always finds its way back home and that I'm not a lazy fat sack of sh*t.  Believe it or not, like a boomerang my care and concern comes back to me.  Sometimes I just try throwing it out of the window, but it comes back.  No matter how tired or hungry I become, my motivation and drive returns in a magical way.  It's just much easier for me to not give a f*ck, but my humanity returns to me eventually.  I guess it's a spiritual thing?  I would like to give you all the answers, but you have to experience it for yourself to understand otherwise you wouldn't really care.  

Thanks for reading!  I hope my workflow goes well this week.  I couldn't ask for anything else.

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