Sunday, August 7, 2016

Feeling Down About Having a Job

Well, welcome to the future.  I have my job I've worked so hard for, except it isn't picture perfect like I thought it would be as a kid.  No, I don't make a 6 figure salary, but at least I make as much as a public school teacher.  Instead of having to deal with noisy, annoying kids who look like they're going to throw something at you, I have to drive from nursing home to nursing home.  After a while, the driving wears you down.  Sometimes, you wish you could pull over and take a nap.  Rarely, do I ever see anyone on the side of the road taking a break.  Here, drivers just keep going,  I guess coffee is a fundamental necessity for adults to stay awake.  Life on the road is not easy.  Life sitting inside of a school for hours on end wasn't so satisfying either.  What are we to do?  Both school and work life sucked.  None of it seemed to really matter to me.  Like a psychopath, I gave zero f*cks about school or work.  I didn't have evil intentions; I just never liked anything in the curriculum.  One thing I absolutely knew I liked was girls, but who makes money off of that concept?  If anything, girls are the ones strangling everyone by the throat holes and robbing their money while they sleep, literally.  Unless it's about beautiful looking ladies, how do we handle reporting to WORK everyday?  I sure as hell know I hate it.  Does anyone ever like their day job?  

The nurse advised me to change my attitude and to be positive.  If only if it was that easy?  Making money is not easy, period.  People will only want you if you can offer them something in exchange.  Unfortunately, women don't pay money for men to come over and have sex with them.  It's obvious that I have to refrain from deviating from my x-ray profession as there won't be much opportunity elsewhere of making a decent some of money.  Look, I was never good at math, computer coding, or even picking up languages.  Hell, I don't think I pale in comparison to anyone in most professions.  So what is the average Joe to do?  Customer service?  Trust me, I've hit rock bottom and done a lot of sh*t tier jobs already.  I know I don't get well along with people unless they're naturally friendly or just desperate.  Well, there's my answer:  Prey on the desperate people by offering them medical services, because they need it.  Do you think beautiful women will be calling you and knocking on your door anytime soon?  I guarantee that won't be happening anytime soon unless you've won the lottery or have some Godlike talent to share with the world.  Yup, just stick with your dead end job until they fire you. 

Are things really that bad out there?  Yup, it's brutal out there for just about everyone.  Family members are cheap as hell and will probably make something up just to screw you.  The government doesn't care and will just take everything after you die.  So who can you trust?  Who really gives a damn?  What really matters?  All I know for certain is "Cash is king".  People just want to be able to go to sleep at night without having to worry about all the bullshit.  Do you think running around and buying expensive things will bring you life fulfillment?  At the center of things, people just want to be SAFE.  They don't want to worry about being in debt, or overdue medical bills, or excessive college loans, traffic tickets, or anything that'll cause grief.  Well, at least that's what I care about.  Well, throwing out all my childhood fantasies and being a grownup sure sucks.  

Now, go out there and make that money!  There's not much else to it really?  You're driving.  You're talking on the phone.  You're walking.  You're pushing/pulling a big, heavy machine around.  You're getting yelled at by your boss.  Customers want you now!  You're typing up a storm.  You're cleaning! Whatever it is, they're paying you.  Thousands on welfare are depending on you!  

No matter how much the work week looks like it sucks, always remember:  
Just be thankful.  Just be grateful.  Just express gratitude.   

Thank you for reading.  I hope you join me next time.   

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