Sunday, August 28, 2016

Loot Crate August 2016 - Antihero

Well, I tried out Loot Crate for once.  I got it off of Groupon and wanted to be like everyone else doing a review.  The good news is that I edited the sketch.  The bad news is that I continue to have very little or no views at all whatsoever.  Good, unique interesting content usually adds to the view count.  So all you need to do really is have some good footage and the word will spread.  Unfortunately, mediocre work will not cut it.  I guess I just don't promote either.  I really don't feel that this could be the best work I can do, but it works.  I can work on my game but this is all the time I have for at the moment.  I'm just a beginner learning the basics.  None the less, here is my video.  I thought about it and did it!  So, yes I can continue to film and review stuff people may have interest in.

That sums up the end of my weekend.  I don't have to do diddly squat unless I'm fully deployed for work but is that all I want for myself?  I only do stuff when I'm on the job?  Don't I ever go venture out in the world and do something exciting for the soul purpose of enjoying life?  It appears that I don't give a hoot.  I care about trying new and exciting dishes to eat, but when it comes to spending money on travel I think back how hard it was to earn that money.  No matter what anyone tells you MAKING MONEY IS HARD.  I don't enjoy spending so much money on an airplane ticket only to windup back at the same sh*t hole I started at.  There's no real point in me traveling.  I more into being happy on the inside than spending money on frivolously things that'll only last a day or two.  Food is the only exception, but it offers so much nutritional value the body actually needs.

Seriously, here we go again it's Monday tomorrow morning.  Worst of all, it's almost the end of summer.  This is all we have time for!  There's no time machine that can take you back.  Whatever happened, happened.  I worked a minimum of 40 hours a week Monday - Thursday and took the rest of the weekend off only to repeat the same schedule all over again.  I used my time to workout at the gym and swim at the pool.  I also did a little bit of shopping here and there.  I spent very little or no time in traffic trying to head somewhere far away.  Although I wished I could travel far out to California, Florida, or even Hawaii, time and money is always an issue.  I also don't want to feel the dread of having to come back here like a yo-yo.  $1000 on airfare only to fly out and comeback here with nothing much to show for it except a bunch of pictures.  It sounds kind of cliche, but we all do it.  If only I had something with more longevity like a job or visiting friends/family I actually trusted.  We come and go, but the important thing is to enjoy the time we have.  I made sure to squeeze in a lap dance or two.  Yes, it was well worth the money as chasing beautiful women on the streets may take a lot of effort and/or time.  In other words, I'm all about having cheap thrills.

Speaking of which I've been approached by family/friends about being the ripe old age of 31 and not being married yet.  "You should get married and have kids" is what everyone says.  Are you serious?  Marriage and having kids is one of the most expensive things conceivable.  Do you people think before you have children?  I don't want my child to be born in some kind of a ghetto!  I want my child to have their own room at least.  What about their mother?  Everyone seems to know me, but who in the hell knows the mother of my kids?  Who's the mom?  No one knows who the freaking mom is.  I don't even know who the mother of my children is.  How the hell could I possibly have children if I don't even have a grasp on who the mother is?  Jesus Christ, I don't even have my own place yet.  I'm a dude for life.  There's no way in Hell can this all work out without divine intervention of some sorts.  I'm better off spending my hard earned money on booklets of lottery tickets than to waste my time chasing a woman.  They're both equally as bad, but I would rather choose the lottery instead.  You are right, a lot of poor people still get married and have kids.  In fact, that is all you really see here in the ghettos:  Poor people on welfare with too many kids.  Don't insanely rich people ever have kids?  In any event, I'm too down to Earth to know better:  DON'T HAVE KIDS.  No, I can't handle working more hours.  No, I can't handle the woman screaming at me for no particular reason.  No, I can't handle people crying.  No, I don't want to see anymore bloodshed.  I don't want any of that sh*t!  I'm tired of it!  Leave me alone!  I'm happy with whatever I have at the moment.  You think beautiful women just spawn out of the heaves to have kids with men?  Don't make me laugh.

Thank you for visiting, I hope to see you next time!

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