Sunday, August 21, 2016


Well, I finally began my journey to winning the lottery.  After doing my research and dabbling, I resorted to playing scratch offs.  Basically, you are only allowed to play within your budget and buy ten of the same tickets out of the machine.  Without adding anymore fluff or sugar coating anything, I played the $5 game ten times.  As I have noted before the, NJ Lottery website dictates that this has a handful of a prizes left that no one as claimed yet.  Yes, I've done a bit of research before select this game in particular.  No, I didn't want to play a game that everyone has claimed nearly all the prizes already.  In a nutshell, I spent the time to look into the best shot at winning.  Well, guess what?  Even with my cold calculated ways, I only won $5.  Yes, I spent $50 to get $5 back like a chump.  It feels rough.  It feels bad.  It feels like Governor Chris Christie who has his named on the back stabbed me in the back so he can further feed his overwhelming fat self.  In the end, it was no one else's fault but my own to be gambling.  It was my choice.  I did it.  Thank God I limit myself to my budget, so I can keep away any negative side effects.    

So will I continue down this dark road?  If so, how often?  Is this a once a month kind of a thing?  Do I do it every week?  $50 a month for entertainment sounds reasonable.  In one year, $50 a month would translate to $600.  I could be saving up an additional $600 a year in the bank or waste it away on scratch offs.  $600 a year could better be spent on books!  According to the vast majority of wealthy people, books are of the most uttermost importance.  They provide us with knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, imagination, or just something to look forward to doing everyday.  As you can see, I'm rather stingy with my money.  I work hard for it.  We all work hard our money.  Maybe playing the lottery isn't something for me?  Or am I just too weak to stomach my loses and continue playing?  That's how the pros win at just about anything.  Athletes continue to train no matter if they win or lose.  Is it the same kind of mentality that perpetuates people to continue to play the lottery and win?  Do I deviate from my strategy?  Do I doubt my research?  Do I just start changing up things out of fear?  The greats will tell you to just keep doing what you're doing for mastery.  That means to put down more hours, effort, and even money into it!  If it's your thing, you'll continue to practice and train.  You have to train, train, and train.  Yes, this rule of mastery even applies to winning the lottery.  What are your chances of being a top tier singer, song writer, author, actor, computer programmer, doctor, dancer, or anything for that matter?  Winning the lottery is no different.  The chances are slim to none, but you keep trying until you hit it big.  If you give up, forget about it.

Guess what?  I'll be going to work tomorrow working on my trade.  No, I didn't win the lottery.  Yes, I have to continue to tinker and work on my craft.  There's no going back.  Don't you understand?  You can't just walk out.  You have to continue to train and work hard.  I don't want to feel like I'm complaining about having to go to work every Monday.  I want to feel like I'm working on my craft.  I want to feel like I'm being productive.  I don't want to be reminded how I have to work hard everyday so I can keep people on welfare.  I really want something to look forward that I can't obtain by just keep working like everyone else.  There's a price to pay just for giving it a chance.  What's the solution?  Gambling, I bet.  Gambling is my form of entertainment.  Gambling is my drug.  I know it's not pretty, but everyone has their demons.  Mine just happens to be scratch offs.  

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope to see you next time.

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