Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ramen in the Summer Time

Other than getting fatter, I don't know what else I can promise down the road for sure.  So yeah, they have this new noodle shop down the road.  It's neat and all, because it's one of the only Japanese noodle shops around in the area without having to drive so much.  For $9.99, you can get a regular bowl with pork.  They also have  vegetable, hot and spicy, and seafood for $14.  Each day of the week, they serve something specialized for that day only.  In other words, you can't always get you want.  For example, they only serve curry and rice on Mondays.  I don't think they're doing customers a favor by limiting their options so much to the point there may only be one choice!?  I've never seen any restaurant limiting their menus so vastly.  For $15, you can get the lunch special!  It's basically the pork soup with a bowl of rice with their choice of meat for the particular day of the week.

 Although everything is quite tasty on the tip of your palate, it's costly for the proportions they serve you.  Some may find the soup a bit salty or even glaze in excessive amounts of MSG.  What makes the noodle bowl pricey is because of the soup.  It takes a whole day just to get the soup ready!  It's kind of odd why MSG would be detected.  It's not like they would use cheap packages of instant noodle for soup broth.  I would like to imagine that they took their time to make their soup as natural and chemical free as possible.

I hope my work week will go well or at least . . . I hope I won't feel moody?  It's important that I remain patient.  It's important that I don't hulk out.  It's important that I take my time.  It's important that I be nice to people.  It's important that I remain calm.  It's important that I don't flip out.  It's important that I keep my cool.  It's important that I get enough rest and sleep.  

Thank you all for visiting and reading.  I hope you have a good week!

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