Saturday, December 31, 2016

Good Bye 2016! Happy New Year 2017!

Well, we made it to the end of the year!  To wrap things up, working really sucks and you should be serious about where every second of your day is allocated to achieve your purpose and goals before you end up somewhere you absolutely hate.  No, finding the right job is never easy.  No, finding that talent hidden inside of you that can make you bank isn't all that easy either.  At this level, just be thankful and appreciative you even have a job.  

The only thing I regret that I could have changed is where I was putting my hard earned money into.  Although I have a history of being frugal and save on every penny, I was not fully aware or believed in compound interest!  I know it sounds crazy, but Vanguard is the perfect place to start!  Yes, I knew about dividends and have practiced for quite some time now; but I did not know how much more sophisticated and downright super advanced into the future Vanguard actually was when properly utilized!  Selecting the right model of ETFs and mutual funds will give you such an outstanding portfolio of return you won't believe how easy it is!  Currently, the materials, telecommunications, energy, and financial sectors have been hitting a solid growth of 20%; whereas the other sectors have been averaging much lower.  Why not just skip all the bullshit floating around and start investing in these powerhouse sectors!  Yes, there are growth and value strategies; but why not just invest in an entire ETF sector that's doing the downright best!  I don't want 8-10% growth, I want 20% per year!  Yes, risk plays a large factor but the diversification of ETFs and mutual funds makes it much more easy to handle.  A standard rule that everyone should apply is to contribute the maximum $5500 every year to their IRA/ROTH IRA.  Once again, compound interest will work its magic throughout the years.  If you have doubts and think you're just going to drop dead before reaching retirement age, do it anyways!  You have to make it a priority to save up that $5500, otherwise you'll fall into the trap of being some kind of  antisocial, suicidal, money spending crazy homeless man who has no plans for the future.  I wish I started earlier, but I didn't know I was ever going to make it this far.  Thirty years goes by pretty quick.  However you see it, start investing as early as you can.  

I mean no matter what people hate working, so you better know what to do with your paycheck.  No, you do not want to buy STUFF with your hard earned money.  STUFF will rust, rot, and deappreciate in value overtime that is unless you're a antique/hobby/toy reseller.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  DO NOT BUY STUFF.  Your home will be cluttered in an excessive amount of garbage.  Do not buy sugary energy drinks!  Water is the best drink there is on the market.  Those two things is all you need to know.  If you don't spend money on an excessive amount of STUFF or sugary energy drinks, you'll be okay throughout the year.  Practice and train to be a minimalist everyday.  Cut and throw out whatever is sucking up your time and energy on things you don't need.  For example, I don't even watch television anymore.  There's no reason for me to be spending money on things I don't need.  If you hate working, you'll exclude all these things that cost extra money in your life and start investing into your future.  Basically, I don't want to pay for anything that I don't use.  I'm happy not exceeding my spending limits.  

It's okay to spend a little extra on good food.  The quality of food we eat pretty much determines our health.  No, you don't need that new 3D television; but you probably do need some kind of everyday, low budget healthy food plan.  Yes, you want to throw in as much exercise time you can get on a daily basis.  Do something is always better than doing nothing.  

In any event, the only one, real thing I want to change that I can actually do in 2017 is where I'll be investing my money.  I'm diving head first into the world of Vanguard ETFs and mutual funds.  I don't want my paychecks to be just sitting there.  I WANT TO INVEST!  I WANT TO SEE MY MONEY GROW!  I want to see progress, but what is the value of money if you're not in good health?  It's a balancing act.  Knowing where to invest your money, how to eat right, and figuring out a time you'll be able to get some exercise in each day are all key components worth mastering.  You just need a sense of integrity and trust in yourself that things will workout.  At this point, you don't want to spend the rest of your life working in some job you hate; and you'll do whatever to find a better life.  The journey starts here!  


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