Sunday, December 11, 2016

Me, Myself, and Being Fat

After putting in the hours and all the hard work in some rat race grind you feel tired, very tired.  You look around and there's nothing left except enjoying your time off of work.  As an introvert, I do not recharge by being around people.  I tend to stay away from bossholes.  No, I can't do whatever you tell me to do.  No, I'm not easily convinced to be one of your many slaves.  My inherit laziness is on such a magnitude that will far out succeed your need for control.

With three full days off, I didn't make that video, I didn't write that book, I didn't do anything marketable whatsoever.  Guess what?  I'm the perfect fit for someone looking for passive income.  No, I don't like doing things.  It's hard for me to hot wire myself and start doing something that's outside my comfort zone in the name of making a profit.  I'd rather just invest in a company or a diverse pool of companies who can do all the heavy lifting for me.  After what I've seen in the labor market, WORK IS HARD.  It doesn't matter if you're on the lowest tier picking up garbage or a doctor, all jobs require an investment in time and effort.  So instead of lying to myself and trying to be someone I'm not, why not just go in for the kill?  I INVEST MY FREE TIME AND MONEY TO FIND AND ACQUIRE ADEQUATE SOURCES OF PASSIVE INCOME.  No, I don't want to listen to your parents telling me how I should be a doctor and/or lawyer.  Get over it already!  Stop wasting your breath!  Instead of being that doctor or lawyer, I'm someone who invest directly in the company who they work for through the purchasing power of stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs!  That's what I do!  That's what I've been doing!  And that's what I'm going to continue to do because that's my way of doing things without feeling all jaded about it!  I feel that it's a fair trade of my time and money on this planet without being ripped off by high tuition costs, listening to the wrong people, and getting upset over spilled milk.  I'm aware of the risks involved in the stock market, but at the end of the day I'm the one who made my own decisions.  No, I don't want to waste anymore of my time with people, place, or work I hate!  No, I don't want your baggage!  No, I don't want to pay your bills!  If I'm going to die a homeless, at least I did it my way.

As of now, my goals in life are somewhat hardening:  I want to explore and invest in more venues of passive income, survive my rat race job on a weekly basis to fund my operations, and get as much exercise and healthy greens my body can handle.  With all of life's drama and bullshit aside, these three right here are what I want that are humanly achievable on a daily basis.  This is all that I'm fully capable of.  No, I don't have super powers.  No, I don't have a ton of money I can throw at you.  All I have to offer the world are my feelings of appreciation and gratitude for the everyday normalcy of the grind of life.        

Thank you for reading!  I hope to see you next time!

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