Thursday, January 8, 2015

Back to the Gym

Yup, the secret to working out is taking an entire day off after a fully immersed workout.  I felt lifted and ready to go back to the gym after taking the day off.  Of all honesty, I couldn't make it back to the gym after feeling tired the other day.  The answer was simply to take the entire day off and that's exactly what I did.  Sometimes not doing anything is the key to success.  Everyone needs that day off to relax and recharge.  I also slept a bit early the night before, so I could be ready for the morning.  Sleeping early and taking a day off after working out to my fullest potential is the answer I was looking for.

Lately, I was thinking about spending money on food.  How about spending a bit of money on steaks?  Steaks are a good source of protein and will teach me how to cook with actual ingredients.  I love the idea of cooking up a nice, juicy steak.  It's simple and full of protein.  Of course there are things to watch out for when buying steak like it it's been preserved with carbon monoxide and/or radiation treatment.  Yes, buying food in America is not as simple as it seems.  Steak here is not just a steak.  A lot of the meat products have been tampered with steroids, radiation, weird preservative methods, salt, artificial coloring, inbreed farming, and all kinds of other crazy crap.  Of course we should all eat organic and grass fed cow produce but that would just be too costly, and you know how everyone is always trying to save a dollar by tampering with food and adding in extra loads of sugar, salt, fats, steroids, and a wide range of other craziness.  Hell, I'll just stick with buying "organic" eggs if this gets any more complicated.  The problem with meat is that it spoils really fast, so the food industry always tries to trick its customers with weird preservation methods can that make the meat last longer for selling purposes.  Well, the fruits and vegetables are not much different either.  So many new and strange ways they try to keep food fresh with the overuse of pesticides.  Not even buying organic will help, because the soil maybe contaminated with too many preexisting chemicals.  The whole situation is weird, because America.  This isn't like Japan where people take pride and honor in their produce.  Nope, obesity and being fat is America for you.  They don't care as long as they're saving money, and they see food on the table.  It doesn't matter what the food is as long as it is loaded with sugar and tastes good.  In America, it's like no one cares.  They just want food in their stomachs.  Unfortunately, these unorthodox methods of  producing and acquiring these foods is very unhealthy.  Obesity, diabetes, and kinds of unholy pathology results.  It's not like Africa where people are starving either.  America has a choice, but a lot of people choose to live an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle.

As one can see, I'm living in a hell hole.  I can't expect too much, because we're all living in this mess together.  Some people don't ever want to change and that's a huge problem.  My job is to make sure that their shit doesn't splash on me in the meanwhile.  I don't want to get involved.  I'll just continue to mind my own business and keep myself preoccupied with something else.  I don't want anyone else's baggage if it's preventable.  Whatever the hell it is, I need to get ready for school starts back up on Monday!  I have 3 more days off!  God have mercy . . .  

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