Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Yup, I've been gone for so long taking exams at my local community college for x-rays that my page views has been reduced to absolutely zero per day.  Well, this is typical of what happens to me.  The fundamental belief that somehow going to school and getting good grades will put a dent in the job market for you is absolutely absurd.  Initiative, eye contact, making connections, networking, being blood and/or family related:  These are the only ways of ever getting a job that doesn't suck.  Being talented in one way or the other also helps, but if that were the case why not just add super good looking and sex appeal?  Anyone can fall into the trap of paying thousands of dollars for school, only to realize that it's all bullshit.  No matter what it's you who has to work whatever job that it is, so for anyone else to consider what's best for you is not always what's best for you.  Only you can decide what's the best for you, even if it's absolutely crazy and nonsense to the other person.  They're not you, nor do they have to live your life or experience whatever pain or time that is involved.  As a result, having to listen to someone else all time can potentially be a fatal disaster.

Always with the paying money for classes for learning or whatnot.  Test after test, you'd think we'd all be competent enough by now to live our lives to the fullest.  Nope, everything these days is just for the sole purpose of looking good on paper.  Even graduate school is all about writing papers and living off the edge of your credit card, falling flat on your face onto a hard concrete slab of student debt.  When does the bullshit end?  Why does school not benefit your life instead of trying to destroy you from the ground up with student loans?  For the vast majority of us, THERE ARE NO JOBS.  So why waste your time?  If you don't fall in any of the categories above that I've recently mentioned, there's really no point in trying to advance in your career.  We might as well accept whatever life you've been given and be happy.  The best approach is to learn how to appreciate what you have.  Why do we always have to be so needy for MORE?  Why can't people be happy like children?  We are very self destructive by nature.  We always want more.  Sure, education is a great idea.  Everyone believes in education to some degree, but what if it costs you an arm and a leg?  To me, it's not worth it.  Sure I can write hours on end and make a book out of it, but who would ever buy my material for actual money?  Last but not least, you need a product.  No matter how hard you try to avoid this, you need a product that can sell.  If you don't have a product, school is absolutely pointless.  The time and money you spend on yourself or a loved one should come back like an investment, but it doesn't always happen.  People these days go to school and just end up with more student loan debt.  It's important that you don't fall into this trap.

I don't mind working for money.  Sure, I'll probably end up working at a customer service job again but that's all I can get.  Yes, I have a 4.0 GPA and first in class; but that's not EVERYTHING.  You need to go above and beyond.  Cold calling, networking, doing research on what company you want to work at; being in uncomfortable awkward social situations; know what you are passionate about: These are the things that the school should be focusing their attention on; not useless out of the book information.  Unfortunately, school doesn't care what you want.  School just wants you to read regurgitate answers from some paper test and scold you with more student loan debt.  Guess what?  It doesn't work.  You want to pay for it?  Go ahead.  I'm not going to care.

Well, I just had to get that off my chest.  I'm on vacation break from none other than school.  No, I never wanted to spend a huge chunk of my life in some pointless institution that would never lead to a concrete, solid job that I enjoy doing.  Well, I'm out of here.  It pleases me to get the hell out of there as opposed to actually wanting to be there.  That's not something you want on an emotional level, but it's the truth.

After a few hours of gaming, I came back to write in my blog again.  I've decided to take the rest of the day off.  No, I'm not going into details about writing plans or working out in the gym.  I just want to relax.  My muscles feel sore from working out yesterday.  My brain has been overloaded with medical information from my x-ray program.  I just need to chill for a while.  I'll return back tomorrow.  Although I continue to have this burning desire inside to achieve something great, I still need to relax like an ordinary happy, human being.  

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