Thursday, September 3, 2015

Starting to Film

Hello my faithful readers and welcome back!  It's another clip of me trying to do something new and unique for myself.  Well, it's a basic video of me and what I would look like being filmed.  I guess I'm doing some very basic body shots, movement, and poses.  I'm well aware that I'm hideous and not too many people will notice but whatever.  I just want to learn something out of my comfort zone.  The most important thing I've read today is SHARE.  Yes, share your work with your audience so they know what's up.  I just want to be more open with my guests.  I may be someone completely new or strange to you.  I don't know either.  I hardly even know who I am really.  I just want to be who I am and to share my work like others have.  Some make it big, but I'm just one of those low key people you've probably never heard before.  Yes, I'm very well aware that I'm the new kid on the block and no one knows me or will even give me the time of day but whatever.  I just want to give you guys a little show of what I'm like.  Well, without any further a due here's my short film.

Yup, that's basically what kind of film I was shooting the other day.  I just wanted some basic ideas of what I would look like on screen.  The beauty of it is that I learned how to shrink the file size and be able to upload stuff on youtube in a matter of seconds/minutes.  This particular short piece took no time whatsoever.  I use to think I needed 2 hours to load a 1 minute video; but I didn't give up learning new tricks of the trade.  I became very curious as to how others have done it, and I wanted to do it to.  Being autodidact is a very important skill that they'll never teach you in school or anywhere else.  It's the ability to learn by yourself that will put you over the edge of competition.

Well, I tried something new today and shared it with my audience.  It's a good start for me.  That was my goal, and I did it.

Thank you for watching and support!

I hope I get more readers as I continue my journey in the world of blogging!

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