Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Hobbies - Game Recording - Heartstone

Hello my readers!  Today, I've managed to post something on a Sunday.  Well, it's not suppose to be the best of content but it's something none the less.  It's better than nothing I guess.  Every other Sunday in the whole history of the universe, I've never done anything; so let this be the first Sunday ever I posted a video!  See combating your own inner laziness and struggles is something that needs to be constantly worked on until it becomes one of your habits and/or daily rituals to the point it no longer feels like work.  It just feels like something you do everyday like brushing your teeth or taking a shower.  That's how most pro athletes and professionals learn and training.  Look, everything in life is hard; but you can manage if you practice everyday.  Soon, things will get easier for you.  If you keep doing something, eventually you'll learn how to do it.  With time, you build up your confidence.  With that established base of confidence, you no longer worry about messing up; you just go out there and do it.

Well, here's my video today.  I took the time to prepare it.  Well, it maybe a bit wack with me watching youtube in the back; but none the less it gets the game play with some decent quality.

Thanks for watching
I hope to be back with more material!

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