Friday, August 7, 2015

Yes, I can record games now!

Well, here's a 1 minute test of my video game quality.  It shouldn't be all that impressive, but I've learned something today.  Should I go all excited and start posting half-assed projects online or should I wait until the whole thing is complete?  Quite frankly, I don't care.  I know something I will release it.  A lot of people make stuff, but they only release the final product when it's done; when it's perfect.  A prototype you can save for yourself and your partners to review.  PEOPLE want to see the FINAL product and be inspired by it.  Well, I guess I'll just make this my testing phase.  People just want to see the final product really.  They don't want to see your cheesy makeup practice.  They want to see it when it's complete!

I actually condensed this 2 times; and now it's in really bad quality but hey it uploaded.  It would have taken 20 minutes for 1 minute of footage have I not done so.  Any who, it's up there; and I know how to upload video game content in combination with live footage if need be.  It's a great life skill to have.

Well, thanks for watching.  I hope my quality and technique gets better over time.  Now, it's crap because I'm working at night or doing things at random times during the day.  I need to work on my discipline and establish good hours and work ethic.  I'm pretty much going all over the place without proper time management skills either.  Well, good night.

See you tomorrow!

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