Saturday, August 8, 2015

I'm Getting Better at Recording Footage

Well, not only can I record using a camera; I can record whatever is on the computer screen as well.  I have mastered the technique by just looking it up on youtube.  Should I apply my new skills to my blog or anything else in life is up to me.  Blizzard games work real well with the recording devices, because the graphics don't kill your computer as much as first person shooters.  Heart Stone, Heroes of the Storm, and even League of Legends run smoothly in comparison to the first person shooters.  Well, I guess I have to stay away from graphic intensive games then.  So with this newly discovered skill I have what should I be doing with it?  Compile a bunch of game reviews like the Angry Video Game Nerd?  Or just be another World of Warcrack fat nerd online?  How do these guys get so many views and audience?  Forums?  Networking skills?  Specialized nerd communities?   I guess it's all the above.  You need to network and type in forums everyday of the week like my actual nerd friend who does "daily" events and quests on Guild Wards and Kingdom of Loathing everyday, not to mention several other games that I don't play because, well they're all too nerdy @_@.

The word I'm looking for I guess is "Super Nerd".  It's been another full week, and I feel that I haven't gotten much done that I was suppose to have gotten done; but I did learn much about shooting and filming footage.  What's next?  Well, I wanted to add in special effects like laser rifles.  I would only use the laser effects of my nerf gun videos.  I would also like to add explosions if it works out.  I guess everything else I can pull off like lighting or moving around with a camera.  You'd also need manpower for actors, but I'm not at that level yet.  I'd just shoot footage of myself first.  I don't want to have to pay and/or feed anyone.  Maybe, I can ask someone in the neighborhood to volunteer if need be.  But we all know, I'm fairly passive in comparison to everyone else out there trying to make a film.  I could shoot better film with better resolution and detail, but going up higher quality also makes the upload time MUCH LONGER.  I guess time is something I have to work with.  I need to sacrifice to get my "work" out there.  Jesus, I have no idea how people be filming and posting up new content all the time.  Maybe, they have a team of people working for them.  According to the Angry Video Game Nerd, he did everything by himself when he first started out.  He also lacked the basic resources I have access today.  In comparison, I have it much easier than the AVGN; and yet I still can't produce dog doo.  How's he so successful?  What puts THE NERD over the top.  Why is he so much more important than all the other game nerds out there?  How did he make such a name for  himself?  He even has in own catchy theme song.  Is it possible that I can also make my own person?  My own brand name?  Be my own brand ambassador?  Am I actually able to cash out a minimum of $100 on youtube video ads.  How can I put all my ideas together and make a product that works?  How do I reach self actualization where I become my own person and stop depending on everyone else to take care of me?

What do I lack?  How can I achieve my goals?  How can I be somebody?  When will I become someone to somebody else?  Not having a name and only being a familiar face isn't the way I want to live life.  Homeless people do that; and I don't want to be no homeless.  I will have to go as far as writing my own book.  Right now, everyone I do is so random; just a learning experience.  There seems to be no set discipline to follow; just random patterns of thought only to be put on a blog.

How to help?  My footage needs to stop looking like ass.  It looks like a 90's home camera.  Well, a new DSLR camera I researched costs about $500 used - $1000 new.  Regardless of the equipment, I need good content.  I should probably work on my voice as well.   People like hearing male voices that are low and deep in pitch.  A high pitched voice just won't do.  Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I have a high pitched, squeaky Mickey mouse of a voice.  But, hey, wait a minute, how come Mickey and other cartoon characters with funny voices do so well; but not in human form?  If I keep working on something, maybe one day I can see what my final product aught to look like.

Right now, I'm so young and people have been encompassed to be just like everyone else; do normal things; be normal people; get normal jobs; and the rest of the same old.  Being just like everyone else?  It's my life.  It's me who wants change.  It's me who wants to be different.  It's me I should blame.  It's me who decides how I want to spend my time and money.  I shouldn't blame it on the school and/or parents.  Ultimately, I have to decide.  

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