Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Just Another Day of Randomness - Sales - Marketing

Hello my faithful readers.  I had time to post today.  Yes, I passed my interview.  Well, I passed it; which means I have to work @_@.  I have to come in and punch out like normies!?  What ever happened to my leisure life style!?  Well, if I have to get the f*** out of there; I just have to make sure I don't sign any weird papers.  Do I want to be there?  DO I REALLY WANT TO BE THERE!?  Well, I need to be there.  I need to make money for myself and the company.  To whom else would I be a good fit for?  Eventually, I would be in a sales position or customer service job any how.  Did I try and use my x-ray technician license?  Yes, I did; but healthcare is EXTREMELY HARD to get into.  You'd have to be blood related to someone or have sex with the manager.  Either way, you'd have to do some down right dirty things to get in the business.  From day one, I already had an inkling the health care field was just about as corrupt and hard to get into as any other field.  THEY WANT MONEY.  IF IT ISN'T MONEY; THEY WANT GIRLS.  Just like the strip club, all the people in power want is money and girls.  Me, being none of the above, am automatically excluded.  I'm not surprised.  They would want me if I was a doctor or nurse, but who has $100,000+ lying around?  I sure as hell don't even have $50,000 lying around for school.  Sorry pops, I have to go back to work.  I can't afford to keep up with your medical school bills.  Med school this and law school that; I don't have that kind of money.  If God wanted me to be some professional healthcare doctor; he should have been smart enough to have me born in some rich ass family.  I'm just as screwed as the blacks and Mexican population.  It's like I'm preordained not to care and to immediately stop trying.  I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY.  Society wants doctors?  Sure, everyone loves doctors; but do you know how much it costs?  Would you like to spend $500 on two books; only to have them reduced to $10 on ebay the next year when you're done with it!?  The whole medical school business has been turned into a scam.  LONG STORY SHORT, I DON'T HAVE MONEY!  

Everyday, parents are kookoo krazy for their kidz to become doctors and lawyers.  If you want your dreams to come dream make sure to HAVE A LOT OF MONEY.  If you don't have the money then simply knock it off.  It's a lot of hard work and sacrifice.  There won't even be time in the day for you to take care of yourself like going to the bathroom or even taking a shower.  How the hell are you suppose to take care of a random patient if you can't even take care of yourself?  That is why I said good bye to such a dramatic occupation.  Look, I don't have $100,000 lying around.  It's that simple.  I just have to get a job like normal people.  I do have good grades, but I don't have the money to back it up.  Grades will only make you look good on paper; but people skills and communication is much more important.  I wish the school and books wasn't full of some much bullshit.  They're always trying to make you pay more and more money.  I don't have time to play games.  I don't have money for your schools and your teachers to rip me off.  You'd have to hold me up at gunpoint if you want me to go back and pay a shitload of money for more schooling.  

Well, I have to go for training tomorrow since they "hired" me.  It was a desperate call.  They called it an "opportunity".  Either way, I'm not going to be making any serious money any time soon.  I'll just give this a try.  Lord have mercy.  I wish there was a God that will help me shine some light on all this bullshit that's going on with schools taking everyone's money and leaving them cold turkey when they come out.  Thanks for reading and have a good night!

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