Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Good Morning!

Good morning!  Here is to another day.  Thank God I do not have work today until Friday when my 3 day weekend shift starts.  Great, I have time to "do whatever I want".  Why worry about working and making money until I'm actually working on Friday?  Right now, my stress level is at an all time low.  I should go out and enjoy my time.  In fact, I was just at the mall yesterday cruising around and window shopping.  So is there a need to add anymore competition and business plans in my daily life of not working?  In terms of fundamental, daily finances, I've realized that I eat too much to be ordering off of your average restaurant menu.  I need to hit the buffet lines.  At $7-$12 for a regular sized meal, I could be eating like a king at a buffet for a similar low affordable budget.  Yes, it's the buffet food is probably loaded with a lot more sodium and/or sugar than normal, but I don't care.  As long as I don't get diabetes or food poisoning, I'm good to go.  Most men are pigs, and I'm no exception to the rule.  Buffets market well to individuals like me who are overwhelming fat and don't care about counting calories.  My diet plan is the exact opposite of Weight Watchers.  I do believe in eating healthy and nutrition, but I also believe in not feeling like you're going to starve to death.

So what else is on the menu for today?  I'll probably be forcing myself to the townhouse gym today where it's "free".  No, it's not fun there.  If you want a fun gym, you'd need to pay not to mention drive each time you go.  Going to the gym and working out is hard enough for most people, but to be spending a lot of money paying for it makes things even worse.  I'll go to the gym as long working out remains"free".  All I'm missing in my "free" gym package is a pull up bar.  Everything else I can work off of by switching up exercises and routines.  I don't recommend using a gym that is "free", but if it's free it's for me.  There also lacks social support and network.  At a real gym that you pay for, people maybe more willing to have classes and social support.  If you're a social butterfly it's going to cost you to maintain a network of contacts going on.  You also get to see a diverse portfolio of different gym goers.  There is a certain glow and energy present at a gym that may lure you there to begin with.  It maybe the atmosphere or the people that you like.  Either way, it's going to cost you.  I don't know how much you or any other individual will front for a gym, but it's usually not free.  Yes, it's well worth the money to go to a nice environment and be able to workout with like minded people around.  Unfortunately, it sucks to be adding up another bill at the end of the month.  In my opinion, a good gym member ship with the whole package of having a sauna, steam room, pool, showers, etc. is well worth it.

Money again!?  Yes, nice things cost a lot of money.  Anything worth having is going to cost you.  There's no secret to it.  If you want something, you have to work hard for it.  Time after time again; I come back here and reanalyze the situation and try to make things better.  The main problem is none other than what everyone else is probably thinking about . . . money.  Money this; money that.   It never gets old.  How can we get more money!?  It's the most simple and basic of all business models that drives us all.  The only two other options is working hard or time.  Time and/or working hard are your only other two options to get ahead.  There's nothing here for me to say.  I'll just keep repeating myself until it's drilled into you, because there's no other magic behind it.  I've been hoping to find something new and exciting, but it all goes back to these 3 basic principles:  Hard work, time, and money.  These all go hand in hand.  Once you have these 3 fundamental things rooted deep into your core, you'll be prepared for life.

Well, thank you all for coming here and reading my work.  I hope to see you next time!  

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