Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!  Yup, it's me in costume.  I came back from work and just did a small photo shoot of me in my costume.  Although I had some plans to go out and go clubbing, I just felt really tired after work.  Yes, I forfeited the night and just went to bed.  None the less, I still had enough juice to dress up and take a few shots of my costume.  I dolled things up and have this awesome picture.  With work shoved up my butt and kids running around on Halloween, the day just flew by.  I woke up real early and just started off the day working.  Thank God I didn't get pulled over by any cops today.  Jesus, cops have nothing to do these days but pull innocent looking people over for just about anything from driving 10 miles over the speed limit to forgetting something as simple as a turn signal.  Just be sure to turn your head lights on if you have your doubts.  Cops will fly up your ass behind you for just about anything just because they're desperate to meet their monthly ticket quota.  We all have our bills to pay, but traffic ticket cops are the worst.  You'd think they have something better to do like chase bad guys and solve crime; but that is only far from the truth.  When they don't have anything else better to do, they just pick on the public for petty traffic tickets.  My only word of advice is to drive slow, make sure to use turn signals, and watch out for them hiding on quiet local roadways and highways.  I've never seen any kind of people so desperate for money.  At least homeless people don't chase after you for very long.

So yes, I'm back from work again.  It's a Sunday night.  I'm suppose to have the next four days off.  After feeling the grueling, abusive slave laboring world of the work force, I'm probably just going to head to an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet.  I will be trying to enjoy my free time to do some worth while things.  Eating is one of them.  Although spending money is not my cup of tea, eating big is definitely something I believe in.  

Well, thanks for reading!  Be safe everyone!  I hope to post next time!   

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