Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Rinse, Repeat, and Recycle

Well, thank you everyone for stopping by today.  I was looking at the number of page views I get per day. So, if I get more than 10 view pages every post and if I keep posting each day; I'll be getting rolling in the page views in a matter of no time.  Things like search engine optimization (SEO), creative content, social networking, Twitter, Facebook, marketing yourself, etc.  All these tools can be used to expand "my business".  This is something I want:  More audience, more page views, new customers, old customers, the retainment of customers, more creative content, etc.  It always sounds easier than it looks!  That would mean I would actually have to work it some!  "Marketing" is 100% something that needs to be done for your product to be able to launch.  If no one knows who you are or what you're about, nothing will ever get done.  You always want to grasp the attention of your potential customers.  At the very tip of the iceberg, you'll reach a sale.  Sale?  What sale!?  No worries, you can just advertise like what I'm' doing here on blogger.  Unfortunately, I've never made real money from advertising using adsense or youtube.  A lack of original content?  No one wants to visit my site?  There seems to be a whole slew of problems why I never made money from xyz.  I can even narrow it down to a lack of consistency.  It's no different than playing a video game.  You just have to keep hacking away until you level up.  I believe we all have the capacity to create great original content but making money off of it is a whole different story.  Why try if you're not even going to get views or make money off of it?  My answer:  Because you love doing it.  Whatever it is, we all love to do something in particular that's worth sharing.  It may take what seems to be forever, but you'll eventually get views.  Who the hell would look at my stuff?  For me, I get random audience from all over the USA, Canada, China, Russia, and a few other random countries.  I have no idea where my readers come from, but there are blog surfers out there just like there are people walking into your store at random times during the day making purchases for just about anything.  Yes, it's weird and random but that's how business is sometimes.  You just grab someone's attention, and they'll run to you for entertainment or for a sale.  In a nut shell that's how business operates for the most part.  Of course once you have these customers, you want to be able to retain them for the long haul.  So, you have to be of a certain level of quality.  You can't just take their money and bounce.  You need to keep going with your idea: Rinse, Repeat, and Recycle.  Whatever just worked for you to earn that target audience or sale, you just have to keep doing it again and again until you have a clear mastery of it.  I would like to tell you that school teaches you all this or that business will happen overnight like magic, but it takes time.  Eventually, everyone has to find their own niche and be making their own money.  Failure to do so would cause economic collapse and catastrophe.  If you want to coast through life and not give a damn that's fine too but be warned that being a bum is not what it's all cracked up to be.

I thank you all for coming.  I will continue to post as this is my mission statement.  I want your views; I want to succeed.  Thank you for reading!  Hopefully, I'll see you next time.

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