Monday, November 9, 2015


Well, it's apple picking season.  They always come around in the Fall or at least what's left of it.  Yes, Halloween has already past and it's almost time for Thanksgiving!  Can you believe it!  Time has flew by real fast.  I'm not sure if being in school is a good or bad thing this time of the year, but I am making money.  Yes, the money is rolling in.  As long as I get up in the morning, start the car up, and complete my route; it'll be raining cash.  Unfortunately, my hours have been reduced down to Saturdays and Sundays only.  Whatever financial curse has been inflicted, I'm doing whatever it takes to earn a dollar.

Speaking of apple, I've recently seen Steve Job's film.  My opinion is that he was a shrewd businessman.  He had the talent of implementing complicated, risky business offerings to actual people.  Jobs definitely knew how to squeeze the lemons out of people.  He could not of had functioned on his own without the help of his jolly fat, technical friend Woz.  Jobs was definitely more of the administration and marketing expert.  Although he did not know what the hell coding and programming was; but he made sure he got the person who did.  Jobs was the perfect model for a leader.  His role was to hire people and pay them.  More importantly he wanted something created that would sell.  Obviously, he was using whatever time and resources he had to be able to sell his product.  Genius, Steve Jobs was a pioneer entrepreneur.

As for me, I'm just trying to hang in there.  No one here is exceptionally talented in technology and gadgets.  We're all just a bunch of sales people in my opinion.  If you have something that can be sold, I will sell it just to maximize profits.  "Made in China"seems to be one of the few options I have access to as my main source of product line.  Pawn shops, eBay, etsy, Amazon, etc.  all these outlets for sales can be used.  I believe there's a large whole in America for the manufacturing industry.  Everything just seems to be outsources by "Made in China", which means less jobs here in America. You find a vendor, buy the product(s) for cheap, and then you sell it back to people and offer customer service.  There's not much else to it here.  If there was a big game changer, I would definitely be writing about it.  Unfortunately, no one has been winning the lottery lately.  It's all the same baloney since the beginning of commerce.  No, I never had the money to be manufacturing my own product line.  No, I never had the vision nor resources to believe someone like me could pull something of great magnitude and add value to the community.  In a nutshell, I fall under the vast majority of people who are just trying to survive.  This is far from Silicone Valley.  Welcome to the ghetto.

Thank you for reading.  I hope to post something more inspiring next time.  It was very cold and bleak today.  I could feel the wind pressing up against my face while riding my bike back and forth to the library.  Stay warm!  

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