Friday, November 6, 2015

Rules and Regulations - Ethics

There are no other rules around here more strict and enforced than for driving.  Allow me to give you my opinion:  THEY WILL PULL YOU OVER FOR ANYTHING; THEY WANT YOUR MONEY.  If it isn't adding points to your license; they want to give you a ticket.  No, they don't have anything else better to do.  They need your money to survive.  It's not even about keeping drivers safe anymore; they need to make quota.  They are waiting for you.  They are hiding around the corner.  No, you are not safe from them.  As tax payers, we shouldn't be fearful of the people who are suppose to protect us.  Like most people, I don't like police.  They're never there when you need them, but they're always there hiding in the side of traffic to give you a ticket.  What a cowardly, sneaky way of making money.  Try catching a drunk or reckless driver for a change.  Nope, they don't go after the big game.  They hunt down the weakened animals like grandma, parents, and drivers who just don't know better.

It's bad out there.  Sometimes, I just go ride my bike.  I don't want the heartache of giving them a chance to pull me over.  As long as you're not physically in a car, you can't get in trouble.  Once you're in driver's seat that's when they go ape sh*t.  Seeing you in that car is like a potential lottery ticket for them.  They don't care what kind of ticket they give you.  They just want to make that money.  I don't appreciate this kind of service whatsoever.  We're talking about $100 a ticket for just about anything: Turn signal, headlights, tinted windows, inspection sticker, registration, license, insurance, stop signs, speeding, driving too slow, carpool lanes, parking, double parking, fire zones, handicap parking, commercial license, commercial vehicle, marking you're car as commercial, seat belt, leaving kids in the car, etc.  This is only the tip of the iceberg.  The list of problems they have with you can go on and on.  At the top of the pyramid is the car insurance bill you have to pay every 6 months.  Yes, each and every petty ticket you get is recorded and documented into their system through your license number.  Whatever car you jump into, you become automatically responsible for that vehicle and the contents inside the vehicle.  Yes, you can get a ticket for driving someone else's car.  No, they won't care if the car is under someone's name.  Somehow, they have to extract that money from your pocket.  The more and more petty tickets you get; the more your insurance company will charge you over time.  I believe it's 3 or so years depending on your insurance company.  No one is entirely sure what insurance companies have a stick up their butt or which was are good.  They all have their own rules and regulations.  Whatever it is, the numbers keep adding up for xyz years until it goes away after 3 or so years.  "Driving is a privilege" as they would put it.

There's no other money making business that annoys the hell out of your average citizen other than driving tickets.  The next up on the list includes alcohol and drugs.  Having an open bottle on the streets of New York can get you a ticket.  Anything that will attract cops, you should get rid of or not mess with simply because they have nothing else better to do with their time but crawl up your butt when you are in need for a good night out or just coming home after a long day.  No, these kinds of people do not possess the level of intelligence or fun factor to be doing anything else other than to harass their own citizens.  Law enforcement do not make people happy.  Unfortunately, no one is happy to see you guys that is unless they called you for actual help.  "The law" and "the authority" is responsible for crawling up people's asses.  It's their job.  I guess there's no other way around it.

Whatever rule or regulation you violate, they want money.  To help remedy the problem you have to pay money or your company has to pay the money to get whatever problem corrected or fixed.  You get in trouble for whatever petty rule/law; they will want money.  If you don't use your money for anything else, it can sure be used for dumb driving ticket violations.  If your money isn't being used for driving related issues, it can be used for healthcare.  There has also been shit loads of laws broken about healthcare businesses taking advantage of health insurance policies and trying to cash out big doing illegal things with patient's insurance policies.   Wow, what a shit storm.  Law enforcement and healthcare both have it bad.  There are just too many things that can go wrong that fall under every rule and regulations handbook.  Guess what?  Someone wants money, your money from your pocket.  Although the general idea is for everyone to be safe and healthy, there's just a whole mess of a business trying to keep everything intact.  Because someone wants more money than the other, things just go south of the border.  Everyone in the society will eventually encounter one of these money making mechanisms in action.  Whatever it is, one thing I do know is that they want your money.

As for owning my own business like an actual store, restaurant, gym, office, etc., I can't relate too much except I've seen people get in trouble from time to time.  Someone will always complain about the maximum of people a commercial property can hold, because it's a fire hazard.  You also have to follow a whole slew of laws, rules, and regulations.  You'll probably even need to hire your own lawyer just to defend yourself from all the vultures hovering over your head.  Restaurants get in trouble a lot with the cleanliness of the place.  The health inspector always leaves a letter grade posted outside the window indicating how dirty and nasty the place is.  There's just so much a business owner has to do to run their organization and keep it kosher.  Inspections and fines are issued all the time like a running water faucet.  So this is where your hard earned money is going?  Yes, not a lot of people are ever making money these days.  I'm estimating that most of the money earned is just used to keep their business up-to-day with the rules and regulations.  They need to get their old equipment updated, clean, repaired, fixed, etc.  Sometimes, they'll even fine you for not having handicap access.  The list of crap just keep going on and on.  I'm not a fan of upholding the law.  No one likes the law, but it's something that everyone has to deal with.   Can you just imagine how many people must be in prison these days?  With all the laws out there, there must be a hell a lot of people whom have broken the law for just being themselves.  There's some scary stuff out there.  You have to fight for your right to live and not let all these rules and regulations bother you.  We want to be free and have fun, but "the law" will just have you be paying more fines.  As for me, I will continue to stay low key.  With added attention and wild noise making, "the authority" can't help but to crawl up your butt.  They have nothing else better to do and that's their job.  I don't have anything else better to say, but I'm getting the hell out of here.  I don't want to deal with it.  I don't want to see the judge, have to pay lawyers, get into accidents, be involved with random ass people in suits, have to do this, have to do that, phone call after phone call, money, money, and more money.  Go crawl up someone else's ass for a change.  If I don't do anything stupid, they won't come to me.  If I continue to do the right thing(s), they won't come to me.  Let us be happy.

Well, thank you all for reading.  I hope they don't chase after you for a petty vehicle ticket.                    



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