Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Another Day; Another Dollar

Well everyone, here it is: My most recent paycheck.  So is all the stuff I'm blogging about bullsh*t?  Am I just trying to sell you something like everyone else is?  Between you and me, I'm being honest as possible.  Everyone has their own unique point of view but this is my point of me.  This is how I function in the world.  I believe there are many other people just like me who can use the extra support or knowledge to help see the whole picture of things.  There is no right or wrong; it's just hard work.  You need to spend the time and have patience to get what you want.  No, I'm not super talented in any particular field or subject manner; but I know hard work is the secret to success.  If you put in the time and effort in whatever the hell you're trying to hold down, good things will eventually come together.  No, it won't happen overnight.  The process may take years of learning, trial and error, and experience.  Growing up is no easy game.

For me, at the most basic level:  I want money.  No, I don't believe in winning the lottery and my odds of landing a lead role in a multi million dollar film is even slimmer.  As a result, I'm just like most people try to get by.  I'm being paid $20.50 an hour, which is more than enough I need to survive at the moment.  Yes, I would like more money.  Why not go ahead and rip right through and break through the money making speed barrier?  Because I want to continue to qualify for medicaid.  I can't make more than $15,000 for the rest of this year.  I'm already up to making $8000 since I started doing x-rays in the late summer.  Holy hell!  $8000 in 2-3 months!?  That's a lot of money to me.  That would take me about 10 months of work in some boring retail job no one really cares about.  Yup, I've been rolling it in just working Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays!  I averaged about $1000 a biweekly paycheck!  Unfortunately, I work only Saturday and Sunday now.  I would like that extra Friday but good things don't last.  Well, at least I'm not overworked and have ill feelings towards having a job.  Thank God I still have a job with all the crazy crap I had to go through.  Yes, there has been a sh*t load of trial by fire but somehow it all passes with due time.

I'm thankful for having maintained my x-ray job thus far, and I hope to see a bright future in the field.  Thank you everyone for reading.  I hope to see you all next time!

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