Friday, December 4, 2015


No, this is not photoshopped.  I actually have seven of these in "my office" right now.  It's the remake of the Transformers Decepticon Trypticon!  As a toy and hobby reseller, yes the prices of these babies will hit big as they've previously.  I got them off of Amazon's Lightening Deals and Black Friday.  Tyrpticon has always been one of my favorites.  He's a self sufficient, mobile city that can transform into a giant dinosaur with lasers shooting out of his mouth.  In terms of business, I was just a bit younger and saw New York City's Toys R Us selling Grimlock for $100 each.  Now, the resell prices on eBay and Amazon are skyrocketing at a minimum of $300 each.  I have no doubt in my mind that Trypticon will do just as well as an investment.  Any who, I made my investment and hope it follows up for the years to come.  I've sold so many toys and games in the recent years that I believe and have the confidence to consult about such a niche in the market.  No, it's not a million dollar idea; but it gets me excited and passionate about something I care about.  I've been searching for Trypticon for a long time now.  Yes, I finally have him under my wing.  As a matter of fact, Trypticon is one of the few things I actually want to hold on to.  It's true!  He's a powerful, big dumb robot dinosaur that can transform into a city.  It's absolutely brilliant!  On the other hand I have old college and high school text books that do nothing but collect dust.  Hell, no one even wants to buy them, because they're outdated.  At least with Transformers, you can sell them for more than you bought them for, especially when they stop mass producing them from China (hopefully not the knockoff versions).

Well, that's my 2 cents for tonight.  As long as I continue to work hard and keep myself update; I'm good to go.  Thank you for reading!  I hope to write and see you tomorrow!   


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