Friday, December 18, 2015


Well, here's my biweekly paycheck.  No, it doesn't come from youtube or google adsense.  I hauled ass shooting mobile x-rays for patients.  No, it's not easy.  No, you can't sit on your pretty ass all day and expect money to come to your doorstep without doing anything.  No, you can't pretend you are a beautiful woman and every one wants you.  No, there is no amount of schooling that can magically grant you a job that you want just because you have an expensive degree.  Yes, you have to work hard and feel the burning sensation coursing through your body.   Yes, you have to sleep early.  Yes, you have to wake up early to get your sh*t together.  Yes, you have to drive.  Yes, you have to be careful of rules, regulations, and laws all the time.  Yes, you have to fuel your body with food and hydrate yourself.  It's called responsibility.  Welcome to the real world kids.

So is overtime and killing yourself over more hours worth it?  If you don't have kids to feed, it's not worth it; because 1/3 of the money you makes goes straight to TAXES.  Yes, you get taxed up the butt hole for just about everything.  Hell, I have to pay both New Jersey and New York taxes.  I have not come home to $2000 a paycheck simply because the taxes always rape me.  If I want to see $2000 in my hand per biweekly paycheck, I would need a new job that pays $30 an hour.  Unfortunately, there's not a lot of companies out there willing to pay you anything but peanuts.  The economy is bad and will always be bad as long as I'm alive just because I was born.  Sorry no, money does not grow on trees.  If you really want something in this world or the next or wherever the hell you find yourself, you need to work hard to obtain whatever it is you freaking want.

  So is there anything else left in people's lives that worth anything except working all day and coming home to a paycheck that's been raped by taxes?  Nope, not at all.  This is why most of us are alive today.  We have to continue to work just to survive and make ends meet.  Has anything ever changed over the past hundreds, if not thousands of years?  Nope, we just continue to keep pumping out paychecks and keep on working:  Rinse and repeat.  Once in a while, you'll see people play the lottery or go gambling.  It's rare to see anyone accomplish something big or establish a successful homegrown business.  Congratulations to those who have made their dreams come alive!  In a world like this where everyone is out to stab you in the back for a dollar, reaching your goals in life is the most anyone can ever accomplish.  As for me, I feel as though I'm suppose to find stability.  Striking it rich overnight is just not in my ballpark.  Staying afloat and taking care of myself seems like all I need at the moment.  Staying out of trouble also seems like another one of my to-do-list.  Appreciation and showing gratification is what it boils down too.  All the money in the world can't buy you love or your health back from the brink of self destruction.  So be kind to yourself and others.  Thank you for reading.  I hope to post again!      

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