Saturday, December 12, 2015


Hello my readers!  I have reached 1000 page views thus far.  I've been very persistent for you to come and read my material.  No, it's not perfect but I've been trying to keep the authorities from black listing me like last time.  I hope no one is offended by my reading material.  I love to blog just as people love to sing or dance.  I find grace in typing and writing down my daily thoughts and ideas.
Thank you for visiting even  though it may just be accident, late night blog walking, a random drive by, stalking, spying, random entertainment purposes, or whatever the hell.

Nothingness, the great feeling of not having to work after four brutal days of working on the job.  Serving your community isn't the most funnest thing to do but that's where the money comes from.  Believe it or not, you need to be proactive when everyone else seems to be down in the dump.  The money needs to come in somehow.  Ultimately, that's all they want:  Money.  Serving others is one way to get there.  If you want one million dollars - Serve one million people.  Don't have a million dollars?  It's probably because you haven't been doing enough.  Sitting back and letting life pass by is great and all; but if you really want to accomplish something it's going to be a lot of hard work.  Talent will get you there but the other part of the key is always hard work.  When you've reached the paramount peek and you're dead tired that's when you know you have to go down the road just a little further to reach success.

As for me, I can keep huffing and puffing about all the fluff in the world but what I really need to do is go to the gym, workout, take a shower, and relax.  Do I have plans of going out and having fun?  Spending money and going out isn't all that is important to me at this moment as I know being well rested and doing your time exercising is vital in staying healthy for the work week to come.  This is a very important topic for me as well as many others.  You don't want to be a lazy bum, but you also don't want to be a workaholic who does nothing else but spend time working.  

Well, I'm just doing some daily maintenance.  Things are going dandy.  I'm just making sure I stay ou of trouble.  Thank you dropping by today.  I hope to post something more creative for content next time.

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