Saturday, December 5, 2015

Sugar Coating 101

Even after all my years in school and being told that I'm a special snow flake, I have $0.12 in earnings on Youtbe.  Welcome to the real world kids.  As I've stated before, school is a lot of bullshit.  It's just for baby sitting until you get kicked out into the real world when either time or money dries up.  No, I'm not defining one's worth by the number of views or audience they get from youtube or whatever social media; but I am pointing out the fact that there is much need for improvement.  I want to have an audience.  It's not funny to be making 12 cents.  Yes, it is kind of funny.  But of all honesty, people want to make money!  Telling me someone that they have potential or that they're good looking isn't enough!  You have to f*cking do something about it!  You have to be proactive!  You need to be creative and active.  You need to be thinking and making creative content persistently.  Just believing you're good isn't enough.  You need video, you need product, you need samples, you need something to share!  For f*ck sake, I'm dying out there.  I need an audience!  Why the hell am I shooting video if only grandma and grandpa is just watching  because we're family!?  I want more than that!  I want the criticism!  I want the nasty, arguing, and rotten comments!  Whenever you create something, you open yourself to constructive criticism; because deep inside THEY WANT YOU TO DO BETTER.  This is what happens when you sugar coat things!  You don't' get the audience!  You don't get the money!  You don't have the creative content, because you're too f*cking afraid of criticism!  You need to open your mind!

Yes, something is bloody wrong!  I've tried to some extent to reach out and get viewers.  I agree that my content isn't all that great, but I tried for starters.  Yes, I'm working on it or at least thinking about it.  Do I want to do better for myself!?  Yes, I do!  Perhaps I can include song?  Maybe, I can rap?  I have to be doing something or else I'll keep seeing these low ratings.  Could have I been a professional film maker or great actor just because!?  No!  You actually have to go out there, expose yourself, and share it with the world.  It's a great challenge and requires some degree of talent and hard work.  You want to be a lazy bum like me?  You'll get 12 cents in earnings and a few views.  
Wake up!  Wake the f*ck up!  I'm tired of being a bum!  Get talented already, work hard, and share!

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