Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Years 2016!

Happy New Years 2016!

Well, I succeeded in finding employment.  For the time being, I'm no longer mooching from the government at maximum capacity.  This is important for you to know as a tax payer, because I hit rock bottom once.  The unemployment office and tuition waiver program deemed beneficial for me as an individual in a society ill fated with a surplus of unemployed people out there.  Now, it's my time to pay the taxes and help the society out.  Not everyone who receives government benefits try to ride the system as for long as they can and for as much as it will allow them to.  I'm the perfect example of how the government unemployment and tuition program can help out an individual in need of help.  Like many young people out there, I too have a college degree.  Sadly, I saw how many students were being buried alive in student debt over the years trying to get that piece of paper that sadly means very little in the real world of the job market.  My message to the world is for people to realize that grades and pieces of paper from an accredited school are not everything.  Having good interpersonal skills, effective communication skills, leadership, passion, joy, interest, fun, love, and a sense of belonging is much more important in regards to your humanity than some cookie cutter all around bullsh*t education.  The national student loan debt is toppling over 1 trillion dollars.  Customers at grocery stores complain to the manager about being charged one dollar or two more; people will bend over for a quarter that just dropped on the street; they'll even fly down to the store right after Christmas to return the gifts they don't want.  So how is it that no one is paying attention or doing anything about the student loan debt crisis?    

I know it's not my responsibility to give a crap about the student loan debt crisis.  I'm obviously not the one in power in charge.  My only job here on Earth is to not be suckered into this vortex of calamity.  No, I do not want to go to your God damn accredited college that costs $10,000 a semester.  Who the hell around here makes that kind of money?  Are you serious?  Have you ever even tried making $10,000 in one quarter of the year?  EARNING MONEY IS HARD, but spending money is easy.  How dumb do the school system think we are?  Hell no, I'm not falling for this bullsh*t.  You can keep whatever false promises of an accredited school degree will entitle me.  Next, I'll jump on the magical train ride with you.  Seriously, MONEY IS HARD TO MAKE.  It comes for the working arms and hands of the people.  You either offer services or goods in exchange for money that all consumes your time.  Your time on this planet is limited.  No, I don't want to spend all my God damn time in some artificial school environment that has very little or nothing to do with actual work that'll promise me a paycheck at the end of the week.  I await for the schools to be closing down because they can't afford to operate anymore.  With very view job prospects, who will believe in the school system anymore?  How will they be getting their funding?  Who the hell would donate if students have had a horrific time finding jobs?    I know I sure as hell don't have donations for my school.  I'm pretty sure there are a lot of people like me out there who has lost faith in the school system.  Just get a job and start working!

Well, that's what I'm currently doing and continuing to do.  The money I make is all from hard work.  School or no school, working hard is how you get ahead in life.  This week, I was putting in a lot of hours.  There's no magic or secret formula to success.  You have to sleep early, wake up early in the morning, and put in the time and effort.  If you think some magical fairy or college degree will pave the wave for you, you're dead wrong.  Everything takes hard work, time, and effort.  If you're lacking in any of these areas, you know something is wrong or will fly out of course real fast.  Get rich quick schemes will only lead you down the wrong path.  Rome was not built overnight.  Time will catch up and bite you in the ass.  It's also essential to stay away from negative people.  It's not easy as they are apart of the community as everyone else.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you want everything to be picture perfect than don't do anything.  Go sit on the sidelines and don't do anything if you don't want anyone to judge or criticize you or your work.  Whenever you create something, you open yourself to constructive criticism.  It's important that you keep going and not respond to the haters or naysayers out there.  Yes, negative people are out there hiding behind every corner to verbally attack you for absolutely no reason whatsoever other than it being a projection of the reflection of their owns selves onto you.  That is why it's so important for you to believe in yourself.  Try not to respond to the critics and just keep going.  Deep down inside, the haters just want you to do better.  Yes, we all suck at doing something.  They just want us to do better.  Yes, most of us take it the wrong way and get offended too easily.  It's also important to know how to take in and deal constructive criticism.  If no one ever tells you how bad you're doing, how else would you ever get any better than where are you now?  As for me, I just try to take things likely with a grain of salt and move on.  These are just some of the important lessons in life I've learned.  I hope to learn more next year as well and stay employed.

Happy New Years!

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