Sunday, December 6, 2015

The End of My 3 Days Off

Well, this is my most recent and current paycheck that just came in the mail.  No, I'm not going to sugar coat anything or add magical sprinkles to every little bite to make grandma happy.  This is what a paycheck looks like.  It says that I've worked 111 hours within a 2 week period.  I make $20.50 an hour for up to 80 hours.  After the 80 hour mark, I make time-and-a-half:  $31.  In total, I've made $2593.25!  Sounds awesome right!?  But wait!?  There are TAXES!  Yes, taxes will take its toll on you.  You only take 2/3 of what you make; the other 1/3 is for taxes to help pay for the cops that are hiding in the bush to pull you over for a speeding ticket; the roads; schools; hospitals; army; firemen; welfare participants; unemployment; and all kinds of other crazy.  In my personal opinion, it would be ridiculous for someone like me to strive and extend my hours beyond overtime simply because I would just be paying more taxes!  No, I don't like the cops who pull me over for traffic violations; no I don't like the school system; and no I don't like hospitals because they're generally creepy and scary.  As one can see, I'm not very fond of our government.  No, I don't think a lot of us are too happy with our government.  The roads have potholes and traffic all the time.  They have just raised the Holland Tunnel to $15!  It doesn't take a genius to know that all they want is our money.  The hell with having two jobs.  I don't like our government nor do I think they're doing a good job.  No, it's not easy to get a government job either.  I've tried getting hired by the government; and it's just as hard as anywhere else.  You have to be blood related to the people in charge or have a perfect passing score on whatever test they throw at you.  Taxes, taxes, and more taxes.

It's hard for someone like me to be in a position of power, because I'm out of touch with the politics involved.  I'm just a tax payer.  I have no idea or control as to where the money that comes out of my paycheck is being spent.  Because I make so low in comparison to everyone else who seems to be more hooked up than Donald Trump, I'm mostly likely to get all my work related taxes back in April.  It's clear to me that $2000 every two weeks is as much money someone like me can possibly make.  Therefore, spending $100,000 for a Master's Degree would be a waste of time and money.  You're telling me there's a company out there who is willing to pay their employees serious money!?  You have to be shitting me.  Long story short, I don't believe in the system.  I do believe people are fundamentally cheap and stingy.  They will deny you jobs and not care about giving you benefits for working full time.  It's a miracle that I've found some kind of job to be able to support myself for the time being.

Is this what ISIS is about?  Is this why all these terror attacks are going on in America?  People don't believe in the system anymore?  Work hard and pay more taxes for the people who don't?  Yes, the rich will always pay more taxes than the poor.  Yes, Western Imperialism is all about the money.  No, it's not fair to everyone.  I can see why so many other countries and individuals maybe wanting to terrorize America.  America wants to police the world, harness the power of big oil companies; and earn big money!  Not everyone wants their land taken over.  Not everyone wants to learn and speak English.  Not everyone sees eye to eye to America.  Well, America is all I have right now.  It's a love, hate relationship.  No one likes to pay taxes, but money is a fundamental evil that is necessary to keep the world to spin around.  Maybe it's just New Jersey that charges the hell out of people in taxes?  Florida isn't so bad with the tax situation.  Whatever the hell it is, they're going to want money for taxes and will take it from you regardless.

My viewer rates are now going to jump in record numbers, because I've mentioned key words such as "ISIS" and "terrorism".  Well that is one positive note about this blog in particular.  I invite you to  keep reading my stuff.  I want the audience.  Right now my audience is a bit low in numbers.  No, I'm virtually making nothing in Google Adsense or youtube.  In essence, I'm just writing for fun.  I won't be paying tax money any time soon.  I just don't make a dime off of this.  Paranoid?  No need to worry.  There's no money coming in.  With no money coming in, people are much less likely to give a f*ck as to what you're doing.  Things can only have if there's money coming in.  Once again, it's all about the money.  It's like a broken record, it just keeps repeating and always along the lines of nothing else other than "money".

I have to go to work tomorrow.  My schedule starts early off in the morning and ends at night time.   I have a ten hour shift.  Unlike school, I actually get paid for working.  Be thankful I guess.  Work hard and be persistent.  Taxes are just a part of living that society will never be able to be set free of.  I'm powerless and dreadful of Monday mornings, because I know that's when everyone has to go work.  What I can do is sleep early, get my outfit ready, and be prepared to rush out in the morning.  In terms of saving our own humanity having a positive attitude and outlook on life is more important than intelligence.   Show gratitude and appreciation for everyone's hard work.

Thank you for coming and stopping by.  I hope to see you next time!        


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