Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday - A Day for Rest

Have I worked out Monday through Saturday all the while interning at the hospital?  The correct answer is YES.  That's a big accomplishment for me, because most people just get lazy and fat given the same amount of time.  Do I deserve a complete day of rest?  Sure, I do.  Maybe, I'll just go for a brief walk or bike ride.  None the less, Sunday is a day for rest.  There's no religion behind it.  My body and mind really needs a day where I don't do much except to completely relax and be free of worry.  To workout the whole seven days a week is just too much for anyone.  The body and mind needs a full day of rest to recharge and rebuild muscle.

After trying my new protein, Oats and Whey, I still felt like the same old waking up.  If there was only a revitalizing potion that you can drink that helps you wake up in the morning, I'd be set for life.  None the less, I rolled out of bed at 8AM and went straight to the computer like I normally do.  Thank God I don't have to work the weekends.

Unfortunately, I didn't find a miracle protein that can help me jump out of bed in the morning; but I did get a full night of rest.  I woke up in the morning time, got out of bed, and that is what's important.  Of course, I could have slept in more but something made me get up.  I was hungry and driven to do something.  The spirit of ambition and wanting to succeed took over I guess.  This post will be short, because I simply want to spend the rest of the day off.  It's important that people get their rest on Sundays, so that they can be reenergized and be able to workout the next full six days.                    

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