Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday - Tired but Hungry

I woke up at 10AM only to realize I did nothing for the day except swim.  I barely had enough energy after to workout with some free weights.  Thankfully, I received a family donation of Cliff protein bars.  With 20 grams of protein in each bar, these things are great!  I have to give them a try soon.  Even after eating through a banana, a soy protein shake, 2 egg sandwiches, 4 ribs, brown rice, and randomly assorted vegetables, I still feel a bit tired.  It doesn't matter much if I eat before or after workouts.  I just need to be in the mood to workout.  Sometimes both; sometimes not at all.  I just hope to be able to get up before the day is over and get in a workout.  I've realized that I don't ever workout 6 times a week, and if I ever do it's probably because I have nothing else on my laundry list of stuff to do.  How anyone can workout 6 times a week is beyond me.  Some days I just need to rest and sleep in.  If I can get in 3 workout days a week that would be great!  My overall goal is not to lose weight or become a body building champion, but to gain more muscle than fat and to be more energetic and healthy.  I don't like feeling tired or sick.  I always want to feel strong and competent.  I only weigh around 130 lbs.  If I can get 5 or 10 more pounds of solid muscle in that would be fantastic!
This is the reality, and I have to use whatever resources I have to stay healthy and buildup successful habits for the long run.  I lack the discipline and anal attention span of having a strict diet and exercise plan like most professionals.  Instead, I mostly workout when and where my body feels like it; but always holding on to the fact that these things should be done daily on a routine basis if possible.  If I can't workout for whatever reason, my body will go into sleep or resting mode and that's perfectly fine.  Atrophy is when the muscles start to deteriorate after one does not workout for a long period of time.  I'm fully aware of the pathology involved in not keeping up with working out as well.  The key is balance:  You can't overwork out, and you can't not work out.  Having a balanced way of life benefits both your mind and body.

What do all of these crazy workouts actually mean?  Why not just stay in your comfort zone where you sit on the couch and watch television?  Why not just blow all your money on booze and cheap hookers?  "Want" is what I'm looking for.  An individual must truly "want" something to begin with.  Fabulous things and goals can't be obtained unless something is actually wanted in the first place.  You must want and be hungry.  You must have a high level of interest otherwise nothing will happen.  Stay hungry and.strive for what you want in life!  Don't settle and be like the everyone else.  Once you achieved your goal, raise your bar higher.  That's how you keep building and moving forward.      

I ate the Cliff bar soon after my workout and took a selfie.  Most of the ingredients on the bar said "soy protein".  I believed I had been had, but I don't care much really.  I can work on my abs a bit more, as well as my lower back.  Those are some hard to hit areas.  I need to do additional research if I ever want to further develop those hard to reach muscle areas.  None the less, I had three weeks of vacation and decided to work out to the fullest.  I can't complain about my results.  I'm proud of myself for not sitting on the couch and watching television.  May I continue to benefit a life full of fitness and hard work.  

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