Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday - The Day before the Dreaded Monday

Well, now that the weekend is slowly dying down; I can feel the dreaded Monday morning already trying to creep up on me and the unsuspecting public.  All of the rush of trying to be busy and being productive washed away on the weekend, only to float back up onto the shore like it never left.  Monday morning, that teary, shut eye that doesn't want to wake up and smell the coffee.  That gross feeling of being too lazy to get up out of bed and sinking further, deeper into the earth.  I can only imagine Monday mornings is difficult just for about everyone.  That's why you need important things like inspiration, motivation, and goals.  Without the will or discipline, there's no reason for anyone to be getting up and rising out of bed.  We would all just be fat and lazy.  There must be a key inside of each person that unlocks the secret, unlimited potential of the human spirit to achieve those things in life that are otherwise unreachable through mediocre, mechanical means and actions.  Unfortunately, not many people want to open this door of unlimited potential because they maybe afraid of failure or even success for that matter.  The end result is what we commonly see everyday of people stuck in same dead end 9-5 jobs.  I don't want to be like "the everyone else".  It's my goal to strive to be able to work for myself and set my own hours; or at least have a job that doesn't suck.  We've all been there of having to work under someone else that we hate, but I believe in some alternate universe there can be someone out there that you will love working for even if it happens to be yourself.  God, I wish I won the lottery or at least inherited a ton of money.  Instead of squandering the money on overpriced luxuries, I would put the money into a new start up company or at least buildup my already existing one.  Yes, I have an already existing business in mind that's somewhat functional and in operating condition.  Much like how Google or Apple was started, mine also happens to be starting out in the household basement/garage.  I will have to fish out a decent picture.  Behold!  My makeshift business model!
Things are constantly sold in and out at random times during the day and night.  There's a very low cost of overhead, because guess what!?  It's in the basement!  Instead of spending thousands of dollars on space like ordinary retail stores, mine is just secretly hidden and stuffed inside of the basement walls!  The internet is mostly responsible for all of my hit sales and customers.  I'm responsible for keeping the goods and products lined up.  Like an over sized deck of playing cards, my fundamental job is to hunt down more and more products.  America is lacking in manufacturing plants, which means that everything is "Made in China".  Most retail stores just order their products from large, wholesalers.  As a small businessman, I do not have the resources to produce my own manufactured goods.  It would just take too much time to design engineering plans, patents, copyrights, legal documents of ownership, etc.  What someone in my shoes can do is find an already existing product and make it better.  To make an existing product better is simple:  Just lower the price.  The key is to be able to find a extremely low buying price, buy out the entire stock, and resell it (keeping in mind that your resell prices are some of the lowest in comparison to your competitors).  The point of being able to find what's out there is not limiting yourself to one source, thus being able to escape boxing yourself in.  You have to do your own research, your own detective work, and your own hunting.  No one is going to tell you what is right or wrong:  You have to use your own creative mind and do it yourself.  In the below picture is just sample of how I operate and think.
I want things to run smoothly, well lubricated like a soda machine.  A customer finds the product, wants it, and pays for it.  My job is to keep the item in stock, take their money, and ship them the product.  It's that simple!  Forget about the $50,000 you just wasted on a college education that never lead to a job, I have my own plan!  College is another horror story people should try to avoid these days.  College isn't for everyone.  It's a sad reality, but college is not what it used to be.  Never box yourself in, believing that some expensive school is the end all of solutions to a great future of a high paying salary and health insurance benefits.  In any event, I love my makeshift business plan.  It runs and operates like a well, oiled machine.  

But seriously, with everyone in believing in Jesus and Buddha is this it?  Is a hole in the wall with a bunch of random ass goods the mecca of my sole propriety of business?  Are you kidding me?  No, I'm not joking.  The world is not ready for the likes of me.  This is how I hold my own in this world.  There is no magical God helping me in any way, shape, or form; and if I were to run the show by myself it would most likely look exactly like this.  Yes, it's a very scary reality where time and resources is very limited.  It's unfortunate, but this is the one night stand of my pride and joy that won't be forgotten.

Five years down the road, how will things look?  Is there a future for such a place?  Am I destined to succeed or fail in business with only a tiny basement?  I look toward Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Larry Page, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and other superstars who have beaten the odds and became self-made men worth millions of dollars.  As for me, things look grim; but I know that I still have time to change for the better; to make things right once with the world and to become the best version, alternate reality of "me" I can be in this world that's happening right now.  It's not going to be easy; it's never going to be easy; but one day the stars will align properly; and I'll be one step closer to my goal of becoming a sufficient self-made man.  Is it real or just a crazy fantasy?

Where's this supply chain of products coming from?  I can't manufacture my own products!?  But wait a minute, Steve Jobs did it.  I saw myself in a room like Steve Jobs, and it became more and more clear that I could pull off my own starter company.  No one has ever heard of me, but yet people buy my products; so I must have something unique.  Yet, there was a problem.  This wasn't a traditional business model for everyone else.  This wasn't something that people are use to.  I had my doubts.  No one else talks about drilling a hole in the wall and making a business out of nothing.  It doesn't bother me.  The key is to hold on to my vision of starting my own fully, functional company.  Focus!  Solomon you got to focus and work hard! Whatever it takes, I will do.

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