Saturday, July 26, 2014

Staying Hungry Even On A Weekend

Well, my secret stash finally arrived.  Yup, it's whey protein.  Not just whey protein, but oats and whey!  How will this product stack up with the soy protein I've been taking?  I'm hoping to find out soon.  In fact, I just came back from what seemed to be an all day workout.  Seriously, I went swimming in the morning for about an hour, went down to the gym and worked out for about 2 hours, rested and ate at around 4PM, went biking, rested and ate a little, and then I went back to the gym to work on whatever I missed in the "morning".  For me that was an amazing experience I've never felt before.  I'm usually tired or feel sluggish on weekends and just want to relax like "normal" people.  With just one, full scoop of this "natural" protein, I felt energized all day.  I don't believe there was a time I wanted to be lazy and sit on the couch and watch television.
The economics behind this purchase is simple.  I bought everything off of Amazon subscribe and save 15% if you order at least 5 items.  I can freely unsubscribe to whatever subscription I desire.  All I wanted was the 15% off this great protein.  Hold on, am I jumping the gun on promoting a product I just tried today?  Nope, I'm still testing this product out for myself with my daily workouts.  My goal and focus is to build more muscle and convert whatever fat cells that reside inside of my body into muscle through working out daily.  More muscle and less fat means that I'll have more energy and feel less sluggish throughout the day; thus tricking myself into believing I'm capable of doing whatever I set my mind to.  None the less, I don't like being lazy and sluggish.  There have been so many days I did not want to feel and look like a bum.  I want to try to aim higher this time and be a high caliber person if that is remotely possible.  It might take a miracle, but working hard everyday seems to be the only answer.  "No pain, no gain".  If something doesn't workout, I can always try something else.      
 Overall, I felt more energized and happier today.  I went swimming, weight lifting both upper and lower body, biking, and even started to pickup some boxing moves with footwork.  Kinesthetics is where one learns and discovers by simply doing.  I think I'm naturally geared more towards kinesthetics than being tied down by books.  Although I got A's in school, I never thought much about it.  Employees these days really don't care what you got in school anymore.  Grades just look good on paper, but when they find out you can't perform on the job you're screwed.  Learning on the fly and operating like a well oiled machine out of instinct is a much greater track record to look for in a potential employee for your company.  God forbid, a student thinks grades are everything.  That never works out nicely.  Well, I'm happy with my purchase and hopefully I will enjoy it.

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