Monday, July 7, 2014

The Dreaded Monday Morning

Behold!  It's that time again!  Yes, Monday morning!  Thankfully, I have the rest of the week off to relax.  Unfortunately, to go and have fun takes a lot of money out of a man.  You would think I the ordinary man would go out and spend all my money on parties and friends, but times are rough.  I'm on the budget plan.  Hell, I've been on the budget plan all my life.  I have nothing to show for it.  I'm not much different than the hobo who has been eating outside of the trash can outside on the streets of New York City.  As a result, instead of going out on a rampage of rampant money spending; I guess I'm having just as much fun writing and continuing my new blog to the best of my abilities.

So we all face the same challenge every week:  How the hell do you get up on a Monday morning?  Well, I noticed the time was a bit after 8AM.  I slept at around 11:30PM.  That's a total about 7 hours.  I felt somewhat recharged, but always a little big groggy here and there.  Soon, the laziness kicked in and I didn't know what direction I should be going.  After rushing to complete my daily chores of taking care of brushing my teeth and putting on some fresh clothes, I realized I was still the same, old Solomon.  But wait a minute?  Didn't I say I was going to be the best me I can be just the other day!?  Why do I still feel like the same, old lazy homeless guy?  What is this perpetual, homeless mechanical man still doing walking around in circles?  Obviously, I have mistakenly boxed myself in from the very start of the day.  I have now identified the problem like so many times before:  I am not a morning person.  Some of the most successful people on the planet are morning people.  They wake up really early in the morning before anyone else, jump immediately to the gym, workout, and drive off to their fancy business to start the day.  I am such a morning fail.  Over the past years, I've tried to remedy this pattern of mine.  I've tried sleeping as early as 8PM; I've tried exercising late at night; I've tried avoid eating at night so the stomach/liver can take a rest; I've tried drinking water; I've tried different alarm clocks; nothing seems to work.  I am just the ultimate bum.  My body will always gravitate towards waking up and properly functioning later in the day.  My arms still feel tired from working out yesterday.  I'm just not a morning person whatsoever.

Well, it doesn't seem like I won the genetic lottery on being a morning person.  In an hour or two, my body will naturally wake itself up; but by then the power hours of the day will already be gone!  Why am I even bothering comparing myself to other people who I'm clearly not!?  I'm my own, unique individual that operates on my own timeline.  It's great that everyone else can beat me in the morning, but what is someone like me to do who gets up later in the day?  I don't want to feel inadequate about having to wake up later than the normal crowd of successful people, so I'll just have to work with whatever I can salvage.  One of the main keys is to do whatever makes you feel good and maximize it as much as you can.  Waking up early in the morning does not make me feel good in any way, shape, or form.  I feel much better waking up later in the day, so that is what I'm going to have to work with.  Even though I'll probably never wake up at 5AM to run a mile like they do in the military; I'll be happy to get in a workout at 3PM.  As a result, I'm also aware that working with other people in the morning time must be avoided at all cost.  I've been fired from a bunch of mediocre job positions that all required morning times.  I'm just not cut out for morning roles.

Well, it is my vacation.  I need to relax.  I need to calm down.  All of these crazy ideas of working and making money needs to take a break at some point for any given person.  We're not machines; we're not robots.

I came back from a swim at around 2PM.  Originally, I left "my office" abruptly at 11PM as predicted.  I walked to the community pool, sat down, and swam a few laps.  Without knowing it, I got my cardio workout for the day.  I love swimming in the morning just to wake up and feel more energized.  Later, I took a shower and sat down some more to relax.  That was basically my whole morning.  I really didn't accomplish much except for getting in a swim.  Was that really so hard of a life?  Not at all; it was fun except the part of waking up, fresh out of bed.  

Now, it is an all out battle to complete the rest of my day.  I have packages to delivery from "my business", refund checks to cash in at the bank, and other daily stuff I do to keep busy.  If my body is up to it, I will even complete a weight lifting work out that'll include routine  push ups, sit ups, free weights, butterflies, squats and everything else I can possibly squeeze in before passing out and retiring for the night.

It is now 3:30, and I am at the local library using my ghetto pad, a $25 Android tablet, to write as I waltz through.  It is a bit slow to navigate, but fairly usable.  I will post another review on buying a tablet.  I will even post a picture using its camera.  Well, that was very annoying.  It is hard to manage.  This picture thing is mad ghetto.  It's a horrific experience trying to land a picture in the blog as well as trying to type.  I had to go back and edit a bit, because trying to type and load the image on the screen was really painful on my neck.  That's the kind of pictures I get using my ghetto pad.  It's a bit grainy and old school.
Here's is the monstrosity responsible for producing such a picture.  There you have it ladies and gentlemen:  The $25 ghetto pad in its prime and glory.  It's called the "Sero 7 Lite".  I bought it off of the website newegg.  The price always changes, but during the time it was $40 and get back a $15 rebate in credit gift card money.  I wanted something that was cheap and reliable.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be able to handle more than one website at a time.  I do not recommend this product to a friend.  I was fully aware of what I was getting myself into.  I just wanted something that was functional at a low cost, and it is.  I wouldn't even play games on it.  I just like to use it for checking emails, youtube, facebook, stocks, sales, etc.  I'm even trying to see if it can scan barcodes.  Unfortunately, the one sided camera sucks too much for the app to work with the scanner.  It is not functional for scanning bar codes. As long as if you are connected to a wi-fi source, you can just google the product anyways for whatever low price you are looking for.  Everything else seems to be functional at the moment.  I was never going to use this ghetto pad for anything heavy. Measuring 7" and costing $25, there's very little or nothing to lose.  So there's a fully functional computer out there for $25?  Why not send them to Africa?  First of all, there's a "1 rebates per household limit".  Second of all, if God/life/universe really wanted me to be doing anything philanthropic work I'd already have the money to do it; which I obviously don't.  Finally, I don't care enough or even have the slightest human capacity.  Life is hard enough as it already is for me.  I do not need someone trying to shove a Bible down my throat and trying to direct me to a path of brain washing.  Thank God for someone like Bill Gates though.  I'm sure people like him will help those poor people in Africa.  As for me, I'm still just trying to survive in America!  I got to keep it real or the consequences can be dire.  This is not "Keeping up with the Kardashians", and I sure as hell am not Kim!         

It's now around 10PM.  Luckily, I manged to get out of my rut at 8PM after dinner and walk down to the gym.  I worked out straight until 9PM, performed some leg exercises soon after, and hit the shower.  When I came back, it was already 10PM!  That's around 2 hours of exercise.  What a great feeling it is to know that I managed to get up from my sloth like routine after dinner and hit the gym!  I also ordered whey protein this time.  I didn't want to return my soy protein.  I will just switch between the two for economical purposes.  I'm hoping to receive the benefits of both whey and soy protein.  Of course, I'm thrilled to document any results that may take place during my new diet experiment.  Eventually, I'll be doing whey only and document that as well.  In the end, I will present a full report on the difference of taking nothing, Spiru-Tein,
Muscle Milk, soy protein, and whey protein.  It'll be like a science experiment with a controlled and variable study.  I'm looking forward to conducting my own research.  As I prepare to retire for the rest of the whole night,  my manic Monday comes to an end.  What will tomorrow bring?  There are no guarantees, but I will continue to strive and reach for the stars!

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