Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday's Vacation

The good news is that I'm still riding on my vacation week.  I'm not obligated to work or do anything today.  I just wanted to take the time and reflect on my laziness.  I got up at around 9AM with my muscles still sore from last night's workout.  With my muscles sore, I do not plan on much exercising today except for a swim and light workout.  Ever since waking up in the morning, I headed straight to the computer.  Well, I'm down for the count today.  I just don't have it in me to be posting anything of much interest as of the moment.  A big workout the day before usually makes me real tired the next day.  I'll be around and about.  Hopefully, I'll get some rest.

But wait a minute, I just told you guys I was tired and taking a break for the day?  That's what I thought, but all the sudden I swam for an hour or two.  My main focus was to improve my butterflies.  I wanted the hardest exercise to perform, so I can maximize whatever time I can sustain at the pool.  At 7PM I feel like going back to the gym and working out again!  The energy I feel right now is enough to get a workout in before sleep.  From 7PM until the rest of the night, I will continue to get my work out completed.  Rarely, do I ever work out this much; but I'm on vacation and fortunately have an excessive amount of time to burn.

 So what have I been eating throughout the whole day?  I had whatever was available at the time such as rice, chicken, beef, noodles, and assorted mixed vegetables. I always continue to eat  everyday to get full and feed my natural hunger.  I try to avoid fats, sugar, soda, and of course candy.  After swimming, I even took a gulp of soy protein to rebuild my muscles with its high amino acid count.  I can't wait to move on to whey protein.  None the less, it's important that I keep exercising daily and eating right to maximize my overall health.

A good question that comes to mind:  Am I as strong as Bruce Lee (since it's very easy to see that I look exactly him).  The truth is simple, NO.  Since his youth, he was very talented to the point he was on Hong Kong television.  Next, his reaction time to flying objects is that of a cat.  Third, he took the initiative to participate in as many street fights as humanly possible without any regards to his own safety or the safety of others.  Forth, he could do push ups with his fingers.  His finger strength contributed to a lot of his raw power.  Since the invention of video games, finger strength was dealt away with the creation of button mashing that only required mindless finger tapping.  Fifth, he was very flexible.  It was easy for him to do splits, cartwheels, back flips, and getting up off the floor.  Last but not least, he even beat Chuck Norris in one of his classic movies.  Clearly, Bruce Lead was way ahead of his time.  Unfortunately, like so many of "The Greats", he's dead; but now you guys have me.  Why do all the good people have to die so young?  Why is it that neither you or me ever embodies one of these "The Greats"?  Well, I guess it's something that I'll always have to work on.  That day may never come, but the important thing is that we are still alive and healthy.                

Well, it's 9PM and the work out mission was a complete fail.  Instead, I took a walk because the gym was occupied with a housing meeting.  When stuff like that happens, it means that I should take it easy and give working out a break.  Well, I'm tired.  I'm off to retire for the night.  May I have the energy to workout tomorrow and give it my all.

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