Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Something I love - Sushi

All you can eat sushi for $13.99, what a great deal.  I love this place!?  The next time I'm going will be by myself only.  I have no time for girls nagging and crying over spilled milk.  Yes, I do eat a lot, and no I do not gain weight from it.  In fact, I'm skinny as hell.  Guys typically eat a lot no matter if they're fat or skinny.  On the other hand, girls complain about how whatever they eat will make them fat or sickly.  I can't stand this kind of attitude towards food.  Unfortunately, a lot of girls have eating problems either it's mental or physical.  I know it sucks, and I don't want to get involved or know anymore about the details than I should.  The good thing about being the typical, average guy is that you can always count on eating a ton of food at a buffet.  As an omnivore, I can eat just about any food on the market unless it's something weird or out of the ordinary like blue cheese.  I've encountered very picky eaters over the years, but I sure as hell am not one of them.  I eat just about anything and do not care about culture/ethnic background of where it comes from.  Again, some people are very picky, even religious, about what foods they can eat.  I'm one of those who absolutely do not care.  People are starving on the streets, and I know I need to take advantage of every meal I can get my hands on.  I don't know how some people can afford to be picky eaters. nor do I want to get involved with whatever picky habits xyz person has.  As long as it looks decent, I will eat it no matter what.          

My love for sushi is real, much like Jiro Dreams of Sushi.  Sadly, Jiro would probably puke if he ever saw the sushi we have over here in America.  Usually, it's made by Mexicans or amateur sushi chiefs; but I'll eat it if the price is right.  Apparently, a lot of the rolls are Americanized.  In Japan, sushi is meant to be in its purest form.  People go eat out for fresh, killed fish that has been properly cleaned and prepared.  In America, it's all about piling up combos and adding extra crazy sauces like avocado, spicy, jalapeno, mayonnaise, sesame seeds, etc.  If you ever see sushi that has crazy looking colors it's probably been Americanized to the point that it's not even considered "sushi" anymore.  In any event, I'll go out and eat whatever I can get my hands on.  If there's something I actually love in this world, it's going out and eating sushi.        

You can't go wrong ordering more salmon, tuna, or even eel.  You can quickly tell that's imitation crab and not even worth ordering anymore.  My experience with eating sushi has always been filled with joy and excitement.  I feel like I reached a goal, like I finished climbing a mountain.  It's an actual achievable goal that I know that can be obtained.  It's feels like euphoria, a beautiful spring bath.  I'd rather go out and eat sushi alone than go out on a date with a girl again.  Girls are much too complicated for someone like me.  After my experience with several different ones, I just find it to be a lot of work added on to even more work.  To put it in the easiest and nicest way possible, girls require a delicate balance of time and money.  I'm not talking about taking grandma out to dinner, I'm talking about the young ones that are available.  She may not even like me, so why spend any more of my resources on someone who is humanly incapable of appreciating me other than for money?  She doesn't like you, period.  Trying to get her to like you is always a complete and utter fail.  From my experience, it's not worth fighting for.  A girl either likes you or doesn't.  If she doesn't like you, she won't do anything further than nothing.  If she does like you, she will address it to you.  It's either yes or no.  Being aggressive and macho only gets you so far to the point you realize that all this effort is costing you way too much time and money.  I had a few jobs, made some cash, and it's not worth it to spend the fruits of my labor on someone who just wants to play the role of the fool.  But seriously, I've worked around the pharmacy and hospital; girls have problems just like everyone else.  Sure they put on a beautiful facade and makeup to look picture perfect, but underneath that pretty skin is another layer of the human soul full of impatience, maliciousness, power hunger for greed, and of course a whole encyclopedia devoted to sick and disturbing ways of backstabbing others.  Alimony, child support, divorce papers, and all this other crazy garbage needs to leave.  As I said before, girls are too complicated for me.  Someone like me would require a banker, a financial analyst, a lawyer, several doctors, and a whole boat load of money for things to ever properly workout with the girl.  By that time I establish all these wild and crazy things, she would be old and wrinkly just like everyone else.  I maybe forever alone, but happier because of it.                    

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