Thursday, July 3, 2014

Soy Protein - The Man Boob Test

Man boobs?  Well, I've been trying Soy Protein to bulk up my muscle mass and to feel stronger without breaking the bank.
My whole life I've been on the "Sea Food Diet":  I see food and I eat it.  I've always been super skinny Asian, asthenic body habitus, ectomorph.  It never mattered what I ate; I would never gain or lose a pound.  Therefore, I was never really aware of how sensitive some people are about what they eat and how much weight they would gain following their choice of dieting.  As far as I knew, everyone else was like me.  As I grew up, I realized that everyone is essentially different in how their bodies react to food.  Since gaining weight is rarely an issue for me, I really wanted to bulk up.  I tried various proteins for cost, nutritional value, and practicality.  Because of its affordability, I ended up using soy protein.  After doing much research, not everyone agrees that soy protein is good for you.  It has its pluses and minuses.  Some would 100% agree to stay away from it and try whey protein.  Men do not like growing breasts or soft tissue in any areas of their body, which is the main deterring factor.  If you have freedom and money, chose whey protein hands down.  Because money has always been tight for me, I might as well continue with the soy protein as long as my financials hold up.  There are articles online that continue to explain endlessly why soy protein or whey protein is better for your body, but it always comes down to doing your own research.  Luckily for my readers, I'm just going to toss out pictures of how my body slowly progressed throughout the weeks/months. You make the call if soy protein is working or not.  It may work for my body and not for others.       

Keep in mind that I was always mad skinny, like really skinny, thin as a rail skinny.  It was only until I started to work out and try different proteins that I ever gained any visible muscle mass.  After working out, I drink a bottle of soy protein.  Growing man boobs doesn't seem to be much of a problem for me as my natural skinniness will mask any potential risks in adding any estrogen threats.  Again, it seems to be visibly working.  I don't appear to be the skinniest person in class who gets picked on or targeted.  The main goal was to workout and become stronger.  Muscles was just a byproduct of hard work.  As you can see, eating the regular three meals a day, gulping down a shake of soy protein, and working out contributes to a stronger body.  I've concluded that soy protein is the cheapest, practical source of protein I can find without breaking the bank.  But based on recent research, I will probably move onto whey protein further down the road as growing man boobs becomes more of a risk as I age.         

Also, soy protein provides most of the essential amino acids your body needs for nutrition/recovery.  I'm not a doctor; but I know a lot of these nutritional facts are good for the male system from working around pharmacies and hospitals.  L-Arginine is even sold separately in pill form for enhancing sexual performance.  Unfortunately, there is also much debate about the estrogen and how it can affect the thyroid gland/hormones in a negative manner or cause an imbalance.  The good news is that I did my own research, found out that I didn't show signs of any significant man boob growth, and I can still wake up tomorrow and confidently workout at the gym without passing out.   

What does it mean to workout?  For me, it's performing an exercise until you start either sweating, hurting, or just push yourself to the point you can't do anymore.  I make sure I stretch, do my exercises, and cool down for the day.  But what exercises do you need to do to get huge!?  Again, it's different for everyone.  But to simply put it:  Push ups, sit ups, squats, running, free weights, butterflies, dips, pull ups, chin ups, barbell curls, etc. After much research, I agree that switching up exercises and doing different activities breaks the daily routine that your body is so use to doing everyday that actually encourages and stimulates muscle growth, tearing microfibers, and rebuilding muscle.  To be honest, I have an easier time with doing new and different things than other people.  People who can't handle change or have low tolerance for pain need a different strategy that works for them.  Whatever it takes to reach my goals, I will do.  Fundamentally, it's all about "no pain, no gain".  I already know what's it like to be stuck on a couch, watch TV, and eat bonbons all day.  I've been a homeless before, stuck in the same rut.  Hell, I've even graduated college and been through the unemployment line.  I want things to be different this time.  I want change!  I want results!  I want to achieve my goals!  The only way through is by working hard each day.  It's not about the destination you end up; it's about the journey!  Sure, I want a better life; my own home; to be healthy; to have  money; publish my own book; or whatever it is; but all of that takes some serious effort and work.  If I don't manage to come out on top, it's because I didn't sacrifice enough or didn't give enough of a care.  Sometimes I simply don't care or just plane can't, but that's fine with me too.  Tomorrow is another day.        
As for my first article about posting something of real content that is interesting and note worthy to my readers, I didn't do the best job at providing before and after pictures.  I will try and look in my archive to retrieve a photo of myself in the past, just to show you how skinny I was when I started.  Due to American medicine side effects, I've also been fat at one point in my life.  Regardless, I stopped taking the medicine and returned back to my skinny self.  I know now and believe that a lot of the American medicine is a bunch of temporary bullshit and just for profit, generators for large pharmaceutical companies.  Some of it is good, but a lot of it is bad considering the severe side effects and toxins it may do on your live/kidneys.  There's no cheap substitute for hard work that you can just pop a magical pill.  The body needs daily exercise and dieting to maintain overall health both physically,mentally, and/or spiritually.  To deny oneself of working out nor eating right; and having false beliefs/hopes that popping in magic pills is the end game solution is not the way for me to go.  In addition, I've always been terribly addicted to video games.  I always seem to have time for more online video games.  None the less, I'm back at the gym and working out to the fullest.  

Thank you for visiting and reading!

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