Thursday, July 3, 2014

How I Became a Homeless

From the very beginning my parent's named me "Solomon" after "King Solomon" from the Bible.  At a young age, I lived a carefree life under the roof of my parent's home.  I grew up in New York around the city.  As long as my family continued to be hard working, there was a roof over our heads.  They were primarily business owners who sold everyday household goods to local customers.  So what's so special and/or unique about my story?  Well, I'm Asian.  Being Chinese automatically sets you differently from the rest of the population.  When I first meet someone, they immediately ask me "Where are you from?  Where are your parent's from?".  I was born here in America, but from their facial expression I know they want me to answer with a "China, Korea, or Japan".  Aside from the obvious everyday shit storms that are created over race and culture, the Chinese have always been very hard working regardless of their upbringing.  Yes, there is much violence, hatred, and rampant racism that comes with being born Chinese; but who hasn't that ever happened to?  The blacks had slavery; the Jews had Hitler; the list goes on and on.   It's important to understand that successful people have learned to appreciate and cultivate the different diversity of people.  Better relationships and businesses are formed this way.  Potential customers and clients are understood better; therefore more money is to be made.  Failure to understand "your customer or client" will ultimately lead to zero dollars earned in the bank and destroy your business.  Unfortunately, I also understand that all of mankind isn't ready for such a diverse place:  Haters gonna hate.  Some may argue how I'm even writing this blog, but if you calculate how hard working the Chinese naturally are anyone can see it's no problem for me to even write an entire bible.  Regardless, I want to achieve my goals or at least try to do my best in life even though they seem to be mediocre to others.

When I was growing up, things like seeming a homeless man picking up trash and eating it outside on the streets of New York City bothered me.  Words like "spoiled" or "entitlement" never even ran through my mind of what a homeless had to face.  This homeless man had the key to persevere and survive much like the cockroaches who have been living on this earth for millions of years.  Ironically, that very same homeless man knew what was up.  To denounce oneself in society and become a homeless is that of every man's true dream.  Forget about working 9AM-5PM, and just wake up in the middle of nowhere and start eating out of a random trash can.  You get to sleep whenever and anywhere you like!  It's paradise on Earth!  The world is your oyster!

But seriously, no one really wants to be a homeless.  No one wishes to eat out of a garbage can unless they're forced to.  I'm well aware there are cases where extreme cheapskates go out of their way and dumpster dive in rich neighborhoods for leftovers by their trash bins outside on the curb for pickup day, but that's a other issue.  Regardless of whatever crazy things people do to save money/time, I want to write a blog and share my experiences and wisdom with my readers.    

I will try and write on a daily basis.  My stories and knowledge is very interesting that many people may find offensive, unbelievable, or just weird.  I want my readers to know that most of the information I write is true and from first hand encounters.  I even perform experiments with various store products, health exercises, and special dieting.  My daily goal and focus is only to post clear, cut quality content.  I have tried several attempts before; all of which have been black listed and/or failed to make any money.  This one will, I will try to make as clean as possible; sensor out any profanity, and not post any obscene pictures.  This is my fourth attempt and will abide by the rules this time.  Recently, I found out you need to put your blog/website up for at least 6 months for adsense to work.  Well, that'll be my new goal.  I will try to post every day; but I know I don't have time for "every day"; so I'll do my best to post only quality content at a minimum of once a week just to let my readers know that I'm still alive and my blog is still active.

Thank you and enjoy reading,

Solomon Chau  

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