Thursday, August 7, 2014

Accidents Happen

Long story short, a 35 lbs. dumbbell happened to fall on my foot at the gym by accident.  They had an x-ray done for me.  Yup, I realized that being in the field of x-rays had much value behind it.  Instead of taking my job lightly, I feel a deeper connection and appreciation for the science and care behind radiology.  I'll be out for a few days.  I'll be around reporting less and working less as I try to recover.  It sucks, but I need time to take off.  I've been icing and doing light, routine exercising since the accident.  There's no fracture, so it's okay to be moving a little.  Hell, I even had to go to work at the hospital after a day of recovery.  Talk about unfair.  In any event, I've been trying out the new whey protein.  Thankfully, nothing was broken and my foot is continuing to heal on its own without any special medical procedures or medicines.  

I guess I should be wearing shoes to prevent any further accidents from happening in the future.  I sure have had my fair share of accidents.  Accidents happen from time to time.  I'm prepared to stay calm and alert when they do.  Thank God, I didn't need surgery.  Hope all is well.  Until next time!

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