Friday, April 1, 2016

Ever Feel Defeated? Inspiration Where Art Thou!?

Yup, there's nothing like having your weekends off only to amount to absolutely nothing.  Yes, it's that time of the month again where you just laze on the couch and go back to watching television or play on the computer.  I guess a lot of us fall in this category where we don't feel like working or just flat out don't give a crap about being productive in any way, shape, or form.  I can't deny the fact that I woke up this morning and just headed straight to my computer to repeat the same mistakes I've done so many times before.  I guess I just love playing and shopping on the computer as much as girls like to talk on the phone about random drama.

Well, I do know how people become successful or at least make a lot of money; but when it comes to myself I feel just as helpless as the average Joe.  It's always about the bigger picture.  I'm just one of the pieces to become successful.  Without a team or your significant other(s), you're basically stranded.  You need to network.  It's crucial to the success of any individual and/or persons.  At this time, it's apparent that I need to up my game and/or skill sets.  Although I'm a hard worker and try new things, it's probably because I'm not a very promising prospect to others in professional companies/fields.  Believe it or not people are slowly being replaced by technology and robots.  Do you think public school is going to fix this?  Do you think the education system even cares enough to change their current system to correct the problem of outsourcing?  Nope, it's not their job.  All they care about is standardized tests that has very little or no practical application to the modern day workforce.  If the student debt is past the trillion dollar mark shouldn't we all be doctors and lawyers by now?  Long story short, they don't care and some greedy, selfish group of people just wants to make more and more money.  As a result, it's pretty much left up to the hands of the individual to get their shit together.

Speaking of which, the only time these greedy, selfish money making people will even get out of their chair to do something is probably when there's a family health related issue.  You can't hide from healthcare.  It's a double whammy.  Now both the education system and the healthcare is corrupt with politics and the greed.  What else do we have at our disposal?  What else really matters to us as human beings?  Chasing around green pieces of paper?  As people and pigs, that's what we do best I guess.  That's what we all do.  In the end, we all just chase money around.  Some people believe in something called "Inspiration".  We can somehow achieve more.  We can be better.  We can be more.  Yes, we can; but it takes a lot more work than chasing dollar signs around.  I guess a lot of people are afraid.  They are afraid of working hard.  They just don't want to abandon their old lives of nothingness and hurt.  If that is all you know in life, then when the pain is gone it's like you're taking away something from them.  Yes, people are f*cked up in the head.  Some just don't like change.  Some just don't care enough to do anything.  I guess if we were all kids again, we would all be excited to do things, adventure, and learn!  As we got older, the thrill of life slowly faded away as the school system and society enforced their rules and regulations.  Eventually, you end up in a job you hate.  The only use for your paycheck is for paying bills.  Where is your life now?  Is this what the people really want?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if we all stayed as children, we would all be more outgoing.  Being outgoing is not something that is taught.  Hell, you're not graded in class for being outgoing.  Fundamentally, being outgoing and excited about life or whatever your interests are is very important.  We're not all robots.  There is an element of human beings that is artistic or poetic.  There is a place to feel special in the universe we live in.  Unfortunately, we get older and try to live up to what the society wants all the time.  Can't we just be ourselves?  A lot of us are being ourselves and still turn out to be lazy degenerates.  What is the cure?  Why must people be lazy sacks of shit?  Is it in our food?  Is it in the water?  Blame our parents?  Is this just the American way of life?

By myself, may not be the right attitude or direction.  Maybe you need to always surround yourself with people in order to be productive?  I guess when we are alone, we just don't function the same way.  We take advantage of time being alone, because no one else cares but you.  You're not wasting anyone else's time being alone.  You're the only one there.  You have the option not to care.  If you're with someone else, it's harder.  You feel as though you may owe something or time to the other person.  To some degree, you have to treat them accordingly if they are friend or foe.  Being around others would naturally take up a lot of your own time as well as the other person's time.  Time just flies by doesn't it?

What else do I have to say other than to go out there and make more money?  It's rather gloomy outside, windy, and cold.  The weather may also affect what people are in the mood for.  As a result, going to the gym or running outside wouldn't really be very tasteful either.  None the less, I still go to the gym regardless of the weather.  Maybe, I'm just tired.  Maybe, I just need to rest up.

Thank you for coming and reading.  I will see you next time hopefully!

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