Sunday, April 24, 2016


Yup, my weekend is gone yet again.  Having to work tomorrow will have you wish you were born a trust fund baby.  Unfortunately, this is real life and family members suffer from greed, selfishness, ignorance, and just an all around not giving a f*ck.  Our ancestors and grandparents were only out there to survive.  Things like life insurance and trust funds probably didn't exist back then.  Even if they did exist to the normal person, no one would be smart enough to cooperate and coordinate the whole thing well enough without all the funds vanishing in thin air.  They had no internet.  They only knew English as a second language.  Who really gave a crap or enforce the law regarding trust funds and life insurance?  The smartest thing to do was to just hide cash under the mattress.  No one could see the future or even cared.  It was always about the constant need for shelter, food, and water.  Well, we are here in the present now.  People still struggle with having no life insurance, health insurance, trust funds, or anything for that matter.  We are still pretty God damn ignorant if you ask me.  Blinded by their own arrogance and ego, family members may not even care about the financial future and live as though there's no tomorrow.

So we are basically left here to toil and work.  Long gone are our ancestors, but here we are arming ourselves for another dreaded week of working.  Don't blame the past.  They had their own fair share of sh*t to deal with while they were alive.  We continue to march.  We continue to live.  We continue to dream.  We continue to hope.  You have to pay if you want to play.  If it comes down to it, you'll even have to pay to win.  

  Thank you for reading.  I hope to see you next week sometime when I'm off.      


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