Sunday, April 10, 2016

Join A Gym

Now that I'm older and a bit wiser, I know that health is one of the top things on all people's list.  Yes, I've tried a lot of different things and have narrowed down my decisions as where I should allocate my time to make the best use of my money.  No, I will probably not be famous making movies or winning the lottery anytime soon.  All those things cost super amounts of money and/or resources that normal people just don't have access to.  Try to find angel investors on some crowdfunding sites like kickstarter or gofundme if you're super confident about your product or don't try at all.  Do or don't do; there is no such thing as trying.  As for me just forget about all the bullsh*t and just head for the bear necessities.  People want to be healthy regardless of fame or fortune.  I don't know much about being famous or having a lot of money, but I do know that regular people can be healthy and fit.  The quickest way to do that is by working out on a regular basis.  Only after you've built your confidence level high enough should you be spending money on a real gym.  No, I didn't know about the significant meaning of discipline and keeping a regular schedule when I first began.  It was only after trial and error did I realize the significant importance of maintaining a routine schedule.  Now that I'm done with college and don't have anywhere else to turn to for a cheap solution for a swimming pool and fitness center, I have to start paying if I want to continue those premiums.  No, I don't want to be spending $100 a month.  I only have Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  I rarely ever work and go to the gym on the same day.  I just feel that I don't have enough time. I know that super successful people go to the gym early in the morning, get their workout in, shower, eat, and start work in a snap!  I just feel as though I can't wake up that early in the morning!  I've tried waking up early in the morning and it never seems to work.  I just fall back asleep again!  Again and again, all I do is go back to sleep.  My body just wants to sleep as much as it can until I can get up naturally.  Head straight to the car, drive 15 minutes to the gym, and workout in 5AM - 6AM - 7AM in the morning!  Are you crazy!?  My body never gets up that early.  I just need a lot of sleep for whatever reason.  I also feel that like I can get away with it.  If I don't have to wake up so early, why even bother!?  I mean, I really feel like sleeping away the morning if I can.  If I'm not forced to wake up that early, I don't need to get out of bed.  Seriously, everyone keeps emphasizing on the importance of waking up early and getting a workout in.  Quite frankly, it just doesn't work for me!?  Look, if I had all these powers I would be someone BIG by now.  Unfortunately, I'm just like everyone else.  I'm fat, lazy, and just don't care enough.

I don't know, maybe going to the gym before my work shift at 11AM would do me good.  Maybe, it'll make my day go by faster.  Maybe, I'll like my job better and feel less moody.  I would like that, a lot.  Maybe there can be more to my life that isn't just bad.  Maybe if I pay to win the mornings will feel exciting for once!  Maybe going to the gym in the morning will make me feel good!?  Then again, this is me we're talking about.  All this leads to an important lesson.  Surround yourself with positive people/environment.  I know the gym inside looks real nice.  It's brand new and millions of dollars was dumped into it.  For a few dollars a month, I can be a part of it!  No, I will never have millions of dollars of my own to invest in something like this; so why not just take whatever I can get!?  I really hope I make a move and signup.  Will it be too much work?  Will I regret having to spend the time and money!?  Will I regret having to spend the extra gas money?  Will I go back to just sleeping my mornings away?  How will I know I will progress?  I want to be able to change my habits.  I want to be able to change my mind.  I want to be able to wake up in the morning and not dread working for money.  Can joining a fancy new gym really help me on my quest to battle my laziness?  The fact that I don't want to give a damn!?  My negative attitude towards life itself!?  Will paying $30.99 a month do that for me!?  It may not be a perfect system, but it's worth a shot!  

Starting this Monday is my job again and for the rest of the week.  Yes, it's my work schedule.  Things don't change much.  I always work I guess.  I need the money.  I get to help people.  None the less, it's just another form of "The Grind".  It does get tiresome, and I do need to get some sleep right after.  It's always been the same story.  Nothing is new under the sun except for this newly established built gym with a swimming pool and sauna for $30.99 month.  Basically, it's like paying a dollar a day.  Yes, I can go every day but would have to sacrifice some sleep and having to wake up early.  Something I do want to experiment with is the effects of working out in the morning and going to work after.  This is a life long experiment that requires commitment.  No, it's not an easy thing to adopt.  It's just something I need to know.  It's something I need to try.  Yes, I'll be posting about it if I ever get to it.  It would be a big life change for me.

Thank you for reading!  I hope to post next time.  

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