Friday, April 22, 2016

Tired and Sleepy

When all is said and done at the end of the day, all you will ever want to do is collapse in your bed and doze off.  Yes, this happens every night you know you've been busy.  It's an unnecessary evil.  Some may say it's even a blessing.  Ultimately, you want to be able to sleep at the end of the day knowing that tomorrow will be good to go.  As one can infer, I don't like taking giant risks that will leave me sleeping outside on the bench outside in the park outside where it is freezing.  At the same time, without risk there's also very little chances of obtaining greatness.  You only take big risks if there's a shot at being great.  As for me, I don't see anything groundbreaking at this time that's worth anymore time and effort putting into.  I just accept things as they are.  Hopefully, there's some genius out there who has the time and money to create new incredible things for the society as a whole.  That special someone or someones is definitely not me.  I'm just there to sit back and enjoy the ride.  It's clear that my game will never be up to par with the pros out there.  Sorry, I just don't feel it happening anytime soon.  You need to be born into this or that to get ahead in life.  Statistically speaking, more successful people have been actually grown from poor families.  They know the value and importance of hard work, period.  They know there's no other way around.  If they don't know, life will teach them along the way.  On the other hand, the rich often get spoiled all too quickly; take drugs; and have early adopted rehab problems.  At the heart of it, everyone is responsible for their own life choices and decisions that they make.

Quite frankly, I choose not to care A LOT OF TIMES.  It makes my life a lot easier.  The less you care about this or that, the less work you'll end up be doing.  I don't want to worry.  I don't want to stress.  I don't like chasing people around.  I don't have the time of day for any of that sh*t.  Ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is freedom.  There's also the I DON'T CARE.  It will pass.
So what do people have time for anyways?  What makes people care?  Aside from money issues, people care about the environment they're in and the level of stress they're under at the money.  People want to be in nice places and buildings.  People want to be healthy.  So you have a nice environment and being healthy.  These are the two things people will agree that they do give a sh*t about.  No one wants to be sick and no one wants to be living in the ghetto in some hell hole.  As a result, people are more than happy to spend their money on healthcare and/or a new home for themselves.  There you go, the top two most safest best for the economy:  Real estate and healthcare. In a nut shell money should be spent on healthcare or real estate.  Buy and fix/resell houses or take care of people.  It sounds so simple but like everything else it's a big challenge.        

After you figure things out, work through the grind, you get to go to bed at the end of the day.   Screw everything and just plop down straight to bed.  No loans or bills to worry about; just go straight to bed.  Three meals a day and paying down the bills that's all there is to it.  You don't have to make anything harder than it should be.  If it gets anymore complicated than that someone or something needs to be removed from your life.  No, you don't need anymore drama.  No, you don't need anymore baggage.  You just need to go to sleep.  Sleep is good.  Sleep is a blessing.
Good night all.  I hope you come join me again real soon.  

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