Sunday, March 27, 2016

Paycheck to Paycheck Player

Well, I think this is the biggest paycheck I've ever received before in my entire life for 2 weeks of work.  No, I'm not a doctor.  No, I'm not a pharmacist.  No, I don't care enough to be over educated.  Do I have the potential to do more?  Do I have the potential to make more money?  Do I care whatever everyone else makes?  I believe this is the closest of my full potential I've ever reached.  It's exceptionally impressive in terms of the homelessness.  

Are you ready to know the truth?  If you are, you are ready to open your own business.  You register your own company and name as an LLC, LegalZoom.  Are you really ready?   The thing is companies involve more than one person.  As a result, it's just not you all the time.  You need to think about who's going to fund you, your investors, your customers, your product/services, identify your company's mission, etc.  If you don't have a clear business plan or direction, you might as well just continue to sleep on your couch and watch TV.  So how do you even start?  How do you manage to get off your couch and start doing something big?  First, you have to select something you actually like or have passion about.  You cannot just go balls deep into something that just churns out money like crack cocaine.  In the long run, you won't care anymore unless you have genuine interest in the field of whatever it is you're passionate about.  It's much easier to wake up to something you know you like as opposed to dreading with all hell.  Do the things you like always equate to making money?  We all know the answers to that is simply "Hell no".  If you can't find anything you have extreme interest or even curiosity in for that matter you're screwed!  You'll become a paycheck to paycheck player.  People continue to do whatever just to get things done for that biweekly paycheck.  This is exactly why I hate public schools.  They try to make a cookie cutter sheet that works for everyone.  Guess what?  The real world doesn't care if you're a well rounded individual.  All your potential customers and clients care about is your specialization skills.  People want someone who has a specialty, not a jack of all trades.  You can be into whatever, and they'll pay you for it!  What they won't pay you for is being a cookie cutter.  "Sheep" as they would call it are just the people who lineup in front of the Apple Store whenever a new iphone comes out.  Iphones are great and all, but you have to be a fool to be paying full price whenever a new one comes out.  I know I would rather wait for a sale or the prices to drop down.  As you can see, everyone is different:  No two snow flakes are alike.

Books!?  I need to know more and to learn, but how?  I need books!  I need to play more audio books using youtube or even Amazon audiobooks.  For the love of God, I need to know more!  Will I ever change?  Will I ever not feel like a bum?  Will I ever be someone?  Will I ever amount to anything?  "Read everything" is something I've heard a lot of the white people say.  Whatever works I guess.  It appears as though white people have a lot of money and are well off in comparison to everyone else.  I'm not sure why so many people have adopted the YOLO approach to life but there remains a handful of people who continue to believe in hard work and persistence.  It's not easy.  It's hard to start your own company.  It's hard to maintain the job you have now.  It's even hard for just about anyone to land a new job these days.  So what's the solution?  You have to experiment!  You have to open your mind!  You can't just try one thing.  For example:


I'm continuing to making addons to my underground hobby cartel.  I've added plastic storage containers to protect and hold new cargo.  The boxes stack on top of each other nicely and save a lot of space and headache trying to find and sort things out.  I want space saving, organization, and ease of access to products on hand whenever a customer wants to buy something.  I see my new ways of doing things a vast improvement than when I started.  I've come a long way since just throwing things on a shelf.  Like anything you do in life, things will get easier if you keep on doing it.

Thank you for reading!  I have a full work week ahead of me starting Monday.  I don't think much will change except I'm bringing my Amazon Audiobooks with me on the road.  Hopefully, I can just "download" books and knowledge into my brain without actually have to read.  Thanks to technology, I can just listen to books on audio.  Hopefully, I can get access to a lot of the freebies out there.  Some stuff I may have to pay for, but it's worth it.  Yes, I am happy to spend money on books and knowledge to support the community.  If I didn't give a crap, I would just get everything for free.  Yes, I do get a lot of stuff for free; but perhaps it's a sign I should change.  Maybe, the little dollar or two I spend on books can contribute and help out someone else as well.  Although I will always hold on to being cheap, stingy, and free stuff, one day I believe I can change.  When I'm ready to give back, I will.  When I've achieved my own success, I will give back.  "Give something back" Arnold Schwarzenegger once said.  I just know I will enjoy those books on audio!  

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