Sunday, March 20, 2016

Zero Page Views - Welcome to the Reality

Do I really deserve 0 page views?  I haven't gotten a single page view in the last few days.  I guess I'm pretty much worthless to the rest of the world, huh?  Talk about being a lazy bum.  Yup, that is definitely me.  This is what happens when you don't care.  Minimum effort equals minimum wage.  My way of doing things often leads to nothing else but a quiet life.  In some cases it's bad.  In others, it is good.  I'm a quiet person, so it's good for me.  If my way of doing things always equates to having very little or no audience it can be a problem, especially when I need some dough to pay down my child support at the end of the month.  But what is a quiet person to do?  What are introverts to do if audience just come in for wild entertainment and cheap thrills.  Why in God's name would anyone visit a lazy bum who doesn't care?

I guess I can do a better job uploading some stuff on youtube.  I did shoot some footage of me just walking around in New York City.  I was a bit camera shy about people looking at me oddly on the streets while filming with a selfie stick.  At the end of the day, no one really cares.  Maybe an old person will be pissed off but that's about it.  Everyone else is busy with their lives.  I don't even want to care the vast majority of the time.  There are people who do care, but I want no attention to "those people".  They will raise their voice, they will approach you, they may even enforce their ideology or laws on you.  I'm just lazying around like "Who the hell cares?".  I sure as hell know I want give a flying f*ck.

Am I trying to be known?  Am I trying to publicize myself?  Do I even have what it takes?  Nope, I'm pretty sure I'm a bum.  No, I don't care.  No, I don't want to care.  No, I don't want to waste my time.  No, I didn't make money off of making people laugh.  No, I don't make money entertaining people.  It takes quality time and people to attract enough of an audience to make something worthwhile.  Here I am just lazing around.  Do this!  Do that!  Whatever the hell, I don't care.  It takes work.  Work on the weekends?  Work on a Sunday?  Are you mad!?  That is when people are the most lazy of all days.  So you see, you need someone who is very energetic, positive, and has social skills.  If you are lacking in one of those areas, you pretty much end up doing your own thing with very little or no audience spectating whatever it is you're trying to sell them.  Marketing, networking, and sales always go hand and hand.  It's a lot of hard work and networking.  Only a few may ever be interested.  It's like pushing up a bolder up a hill, but once it starts rolling it has enough momentum to keep going for the long run.

Zero page view, zero likes, your name is Zero.  Welcome to the reality.  Welcome to the real world.  Unless you take the small steps, unless you put in the effort, unless you put in the time no one will care.  No, I'm not talking about that annoying old lady who has nothing else better to do.  I'm talking about a real audience.  I'm talking about real spectators.  I'm talking about people who have real interest.  You can't fake these things.  You can't pretend.  This isn't school.  It's real life.  If you don't learn or try new things to improve on your trade, you'll remain at the bottom of the hill with that giant bolder.

Thank you for coming!  Seeing how no one has visited in quite a while, I appreciate all the views I can get.  Desperate for attention, I keep posting and post hoping that I will attract an audience out there no matter how large or small.

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