Sunday, March 6, 2016

Walk With Me - 2016

Here's a recent update of my life.  No, it's not fancy; but I got it to upload.  Hell, my editing skills have downgraded since I haven't been doing any video footage recently.  Yes, I've been thinking about it; but I hadn't been doing anything about it.  Nothing new; just my same old life.  I guess I'm just giving a brief about what's going on.  We all don't live in the same time and location, so I'm offering something new to people out there.  This is America; and I'm introducing to you guys what it's like.  Surprisingly, there are no dead bodies or starving people around.  It's actually quite nice.  It's not Switzerland or anything European but it's okay.  I'm about the blackest person here so there's not much to fear.

Tomorrow, I will be going back to work,  my 9-5 just like everyone else.  There's nothing out of the ordinary to be honest.  I'm sure there are some of you who live much more exciting lives.  I'm not here to run a muck or start a revolution.  I feel trapped in the old ways of parents and society like the vast majority of people.  Should I do something different, I would really have to spend the time and money.  Unfortunately, there's not much time or money to be doing these crazy things.  I have come close to respecting life as it is.  There's no amount of force I can do to change things.  I was not born with any particular kind of talent as far as I know.  I'm just as lazy and dumb as the rest of the world.  If anything, I can eat whatever I want without getting fat.  I'm super skinny.  That's the only super power I know that I have.  In any event, I hope my video gets more than 1 or 2 views.  Who knows?  Well, my video quality blows.  If it wasn't for my crappy Verizon DSL line, I would be streaming games online and better video quality.  Unfortunately, high-speed internet hasn't hit my building complex.  They have to install million dollar cable wires for that to happen.  Well, I'll just use whatever I have at the moment to the best of my abilities.

Yes, I will be working tomorrow.  I will feel the grind.  It will be cold outside.  The mornings are harsh.  I will sleep a bit earlier and wake up feel like a truck just hit me.  This is just how life is for me.  If I could rocket ship my way out of bed, I would.  Unfortunately that has rarely ever been the case.  I just do whatever I can.  There will be patients tomorrow.  Clients, customers, audience, students, patients, whatever you want to call them is a part of business.  I need to eat; I need to survive.  "You won't survive" should you think you're above it all.  You have to be constantly learning and growing all the time.  I have reestablished my bookshelf in working order.  I think I'll be reading a book every so often now.  I think there's much more out there for me to learn instead of being lazy and fat.  Thank you for dropping by.  I hope you all have a great week!

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