Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Titanic Sank - Diversify

Diversification is the solution to solving problems.  If something or someone doesn't work, select another.  Remember, diversification is key.  If you put all your eggs in one basket you're screwed!  If the Titanic sinks, you're done for.  No one thought the Titanic would ever sink.  They put all their time and money into this massive wonderful ship and thought that God himself couldn't destroy it.  We've all see the movie with Leonardo and it sank after hitting an unseen iceberg.  Problems happen and that is why you need to diversify.  As for me, I'm sitting here because there's a serious problem.  My work machine is down.  Hopefully, the company I work for has other people employed who can do the dirty work.  Do I care about getting my fare share of work done?  Yes, I do care.  I do want to work, and I do want to get things done.  Unfortunately, my machine is down.  If I'm not working, someone else will be doing the work for me.  Ultimately, I do not get paid for today.  If I do not work; I do not get paid.  If I do not work; the work will go to someone else.  If I do not work; my pay will go to someone else.  Yes, there are times where money doesn't mean much.  Fortunately enough, I'm not as desperate for the money at this time.  I don't like being desperate for money, but it does motivate and make people actually want to work!  None the less, I could use the day off.  Thank God, they haven't been sending me more orders.  I did communicate to my company clearly that my machine is done.  They are spending the time and money to get my machine fixed as fast as possible.  The technology company is even sending a replacement machine in the meantime for me to send the broken one back to them to get it repaired.  No, it's not cheap.  Yes, it costs thousands of dollars to fix.  Healthcare companies cannot be cheap.  Medical equipment and technology is and always has been expensive.  Fortunately, they are willing to spend the dough.  If you're fixing problems there's plenty of money to be made.  THEY WILL PAY YOU IF YOU CAN FIX PROBLEMS.

Solving problems is an important life skill.  Just pay the professionals to get things fixed.  Just be sure to have a lot of money and/or insurance.  Expensive things can stop working all the sudden.  "I fixed it" is something that will earn you dividends.  Well, there's no job for me today.  My machine is broken.  My company is willing to pay someone else to get it fixed.  Thank God, they're even smart enough to send a replacement.  Yes, it's just a matter of throwing money at them.  Yes, these machines and equipment are expensive as all hell.  It's not my money.  It's not my boss's money.  It's the business owner's money!  Do they care?  Do millionaire business owners and lawyers care if they lost $20,000 in one day?  What is $20,000 to a multi million dollar healthcare business?   I have no clue.  I'm just a virtual homeless guy.  I wouldn't be the one who cared.  If I was the business owner  I'd just pay down that $20,000; get the machine fixed as quick as possible; and continue the business.  Spending money to get your equipment fixed as fast as possible solves big problems, optimizes the business, and will help satisfy your customers faster.  On the opposite end, they could cheap out on fixing the machine and firing me.  Being cheap and getting the machine fixed by local repair men can be a temporary solution.  Yes, it can work but may lead to further problems in the future if not done by the professionals.  Pay more to get the job fixed the first time around.

So why not just fire me for the machine failing?  Well, it would take the boss more time to find a replacement.  I already have tons of hours of experience.  I've been trained.  I live nearby the customers.  I know what I'm doing.  It took a lot of time for me to be where I am.  There are not a lot of identical people like me out there with the same skill sets, knowledge, and experience.  Not a lot of people like driving, not a lot of people are willing to wheel around a large machine, not a lot of people are willing to help out sick old people, not a lot of people have the patients or time; not a lot of people want to work; not  a lot of people are willing to go out and do the actual work.  Hell, a lot of people don't even want to go to school.  How the hell will they ever go out and work for a living?  For money?  It won't last very long.  I'm surprised I've lasted this long thus far.  I'm just desperate to work.  I don't have any special interest or genius in any particular field; I just run off of 100% human desperation for survival!  As one can see, firing me is not a viable solution to anything.  


I'm here in my room.  It's fun.  I'm not officially working.  I'm off for now.  I'm not on the road.  I'm not visiting patients.  I'm not attending the needs of others.  I'm just in my house.  I'm drinking and eating.  I'm playing on my computer.  I'm watching youtube videos.  I'm enjoying life.  I'm taking my time off.  I'm writing and blogging.  I'm having a good time.   When I'm out on the job, all hell breaks loose.  I'm enjoying my time here.  I like blogging.  I like my audience.  I feel bad that my company has to spend the extra time and money to repair my machine but that's all apart of the business.  If you don't get things fixed and paid for, nothing will get done. When it comes to making your customers happy in any business model, you have to pay to win!    You have to pay to win!  I cannot emphasize this enough.  No, you cannot cheap out on everything.  Spend the extra money and/or time to make your customers happy.  It will ultimately pay you back in dividends.  Does my company care about spending more money?  Does my boss care about spending more money?  If you're willing to call me and send me out to work in a freaking blizzard than the answer is simply "F*ck no".  They will spend the money!  They will call me in a storm storm to work!  They will be responsible for their actions!  Yes, they will be the ones spending the money!  Not me, I'm just the employee.  Thank God, I haven't received a call to work today.  Will it bite me in the ass later?  Yes, I will probably have to answer all these crazy questions.  I've already answers a lot of crazy questions and put on a neutral face.  It's important that I don't start freaking out or start pointing the finger and blaming everyone else.  None the less, we're all working towards a solution to fix the problem day in/day out.  Thank for reading!  I hope you all have a safe and fun day!

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