Saturday, January 9, 2016


This week was actually different. I went to a Korean spa.  It was an absolutely amazing experience but at a cost.  Although you can grab some cheap ticket prices off of Groupon, they normally charge $45 per person for 24 hours.  So when you get in they give you everything except for protective feet measurements.  I saw one old man wearing sandals you get from Chinatown.  Everyone else was barefoot.  They enforce all kinds of laws and rituals at all times.  Yes, a portly Asian man will confront you if you doing anything outside Korean tradition.  I saw a customer casually walk around the men's sauna who was immediately stopped to get undressed.  You are not allowed to wear anything in the men's hot tub area.  Yes, there I was butt naked with everyone else.  Being the most uptight and law abiding than most places, I had to walk barefoot and butt naked through the men's section.  They have 2 hot tubs, a refrigerator like cold pool, a steam room, sauna, and showers.  Outside in the common area where it's open to both sexes, there are the hot sauna rooms.  Each room has a unique design and theme to it.  There's a pyramid room made out of 23 karate gold that's all Ancient Egypt.  There's two or three different gem rooms made out of amethyst and green emerald.  They like to use a lot of green and purple rock.  There's 2 different salt rooms.  Some of the rooms are shaped in the image of an igloo and are made of of dry Earth.  Aside from the hot rooms, there's only one ice room.  To top it off there's one super hot volcano room.  You have to protect yourself with the extra padded cloths they provide you.  You'll see people jumping in and out all the time simply because it's too hot.

Aside from lying down and letting time pass, there's a juice bar and restaurant inside as well.  They make Korean food of course.  They have different assorted rice dishes, kimchi.  The people there are happy and relaxing.  A typical dish is about $15.  A drink is $5.  I enjoyed my Korean curry rice dish.  I could have eaten much more but things cost money as usual.  I always seem to be on a budget even if someone else is inviting me.  Yes, I eat a lot.  There are tons of different dishes to select.  They even have udon noodles.  So this is what rich people must be doing while I'm off working like a slave in the ghettos?

Well, I had a wonderful time at the Korean spa.  Things cost money but are not insanely expensive.  Be prepared to spend money on food and drink.  I dunked myself in both hot and cold tubs.  I sweat out as much toxins as I could.  I felt that the salt room(s) were more effective than any of the other rooms.  Sweat was just perfusing out of my skin.  All was well in the kingdom except the barefoot thing.  They only sell socks for $2.  Yes, $2 socks is all that you can protect your feet with.  They claim that their facility is so clean that you can walk around barefoot.  From a medical perspective, I'm afraid that ring worm, foot fungus, athletes foot, and all kinds of other crazy crap can get your foot infected no matter how clean you think your place is.  When people are coming in and out, you never know who has what.  Of course, they would feel offended if you wore sandals or any other kind of protection for your feet inside.  Well, their culture and belief system is overpowering my medical and health safety practices.  None the less, they always have internet and computers lying around here and there.  They even have quiet rooms and places for people to chill.  Rumors have it that it's actually cheaper to stay there overnight than it is to pay for a hotel.  So you see a lot of random people sleeping in dark rooms.  No homeless people allowed.  But if you must know it costs $2500 for a yearly pass and the place is opened 24/7.  So can you live there like it's your home?   In theory you can live there as if it is your home.  The only thing you'd have to keep an eye on is food.  You get your own locker, you get clothes provided for you, internet, computers, lights, television, etc.  I don't understand why more people aren't doing this!  Hell, you can homeless in here if you want to for just one low prices of $2500 a year!?  The staff that is inside does all the work including laundry, utilities, cleaning, food, water, electricity, gas, heat, air conditioning, etc.  This place is even more awesome than your home!  I would definitely like to homeless here if there were more like this nearby.  There's only like 1 or 2 of these in New Jersey.  I highly recommend checking a Korean spa out.  Just know that they enforce tradition and rules all the time and to bring extra socks.

Thank you for reading!  I sure enjoyed my time at the spa.  I couldn't ask for more for the day.  I would live like a king if I didn't have to work or do chores but this is real life.  Good luck to whoever wins the lottery tomorrow!        

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