Friday, January 29, 2016

Maybe I should Join a Gym?

I should actively seek out and join a gym now that I have the funding from working an actual job.  Nope, I've never paid for a gym membership my whole life up to the age 31.  I have gotten by with free membership trials, Groupon offers, and using whatever was "free".  No, I've never fronted real money directly to a gym.  For example, they had free gyms at school or the club house at my town center.  I've never paid to go to a real gym like an active member.  I wish I had the funding back in the day.  I wish I had the knowledge and experience.  I guess I'm more mature now and know much more about the sciences.  What else is worth my time in this world?  You think chasing nice cars and women is going to cut it for me?  I'm sorry but all those things are fleeting experiences and cost tons of money.  What better use do I have with my time other than to workout and discover my passions?  I enjoy working out and building up my body.  No, I don't want to be a professional body builder.  I just want to be healthy and fit.  It looks like a great and effective idea.  Yes, I've been to many places before and have decided that the gym is fundamentally one of the best things I can do for myself.  I'm not a rocket scientist nor should I pretend to be getting my doctorate in astrophysics.  Keeping myself healthy and fit is worth my time and effort.

More than anything, I'm in search of a gym with a pool.  I get a great workout using the pool except those kinds of places usually cost more.  It maybe more than $100 a month.  $20 a month for a basic gym with weights.  All kinds of gyms try and rip you off.  It's a business, but at the same time I don't want to feel enslaved by a large cooperation.  It's my fun time and having to worry about money constantly is not fun.  That is why I just find free places to workout all the time.  With less stress about money, I just do my thing and leave.  No need to fool around with my wallet and calculate how much I owe who.  Unfortunately, free places often lack a social network and support from others.  You don't get the cool atmosphere or ambiance going to a real gym.  None the less, you do get a workout.

So what do I want?  I don't want to pay money for a gym.  I want to get a workout in, put time into it, drink a protein shake, finish up with a shower, and go home.  I get to keep the money in my pocket.  I can always use the extra money for nutrient and food.  Better food can lead to better health.  So what is more important?  A nice gym full of beautiful people working out or just going all in to somewhere free and eating right?  Unless I'm rich, I would just go to wherever is free so I can save the extra cash for food.  Money for a gym or no money for gym, I need to get my daily exercise in.  For me to continue to keep paying for a gym?  That'll never workout.  Not on my current schedule.  It would be nice once in a while but to just keep dishing out money for an expensive gym just won't work.  I'm just going to keep getting my free workouts.

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