Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow Storm! Yes, I Had to Work

Well, how sick does a patient need to be for everyone to be still working?  My company called me up and said I had to work.  There exists 2 feet of snow outside.  No one did the sidewalks, driveways, or roads.  You want me to work?  Excuse me!?  What the f*ck doesn't even begin to describe the sh*t storm brewing.  I was convinced to go out and work on behalf of being paid more.  As much as it sucked, I went out and started working.  I shoveled the car out and did whatever I had to do.  No, it was not fun.  Yes, it required a lot of strength and shoveling back and forth.  I guess I should invest in a flame thrower except people would complain about the potential harmful chemicals that spew out from it.  As the day went on, the snow slowly began to deteriorate.  I stared work at 2:00 PM and did my thing.  When I got to the nursing station, they told me that the patient was even there.  They were too busy doing dialysis.  I told them I didn't want to be rude and just gave them the phone to speak with my company.  I was about to karate chop the nurse, but what would that have done?  Would punching people in the face every time I got mad do any good?  Nope, not at all.  More people just get hurt, more people come and get involved, and even more annoying people have to deal with the legal issues.  All you have to do is "Block it and walk away".  In any event, they just moved the schedule to tomorrow.  How f*cked up do you need to be to have a need for a x-ray in the middle or even right after a snowstorm and on top of that dialysis?  When is enough, enough?  There's no limit to the amount of feeding tubes, blood test, urine test, specimen test, fecal matter test, etc. that can save you!  When your body gives way in old age, you're going to die.  Just let life go for God sake.

Unfortunately, life and death does not work like that.  People continue to live on regardless.  The healthcare industry is happy that it's in business making money, poor employees have a job, and grandma/grandpa is still alive.  When I reached the facility there remained nurses running all over the place trying to take care of the patients.  It's not fair to them that they're always over worked.  You leave those poor nurses alone.  They have enough crap to worry about.  Do you think the patients care?  Hell no.  All patients do is stack more and more work on top of the nurses.  After some point in time, I can only imagine how nurses just don't care anymore and just do their job like robots.  I don't blame them.  People dumping their sh*t on you so that you can fix it is never fun.  No way in hell would I ever be a nurse.  If it was between homeless or nurse, I'd rather be a homeless.  Not everyone can be a nurse nor should anyone ever pressure someone else to go to nursing school.  You can't have some jerk taking care of people.  It's just not the right career path.  Taking care of people and/or baby sitting elderly people is the last thing I'd want to do with my time.

What a crazy day.  I can't believe people need x-rays and nursing in the mist of a storm storm.  I can't fathom how bad your health must be to need so much attention when everyone is just trying to stay safe indoors.  You must be really f*cked up to need that much professional medical attention.  Why even bother for anyone to even come?  Especially for the elderly?  It's not like there's much left down the road for them anyways.  Why even bother?  Quite frankly, you can pull the plug on me when I reach that age.  I know I won't care.  I'll save everyone else's time.  Just pull the plug and let me go fast.  Hell, there won't be anything for me to worry about anymore.  Death is life's answer and solution to many things wrong with the world.  May God have mercy on your poor soul.

Thank you for reading!  I hope I don't get called in on my days off anymore.  I don't like it.  No one likes it.  No one understands.  I know I don't understand.  Yes, we're just in it for the money.  I'm not sure if anyone really cares.  At the heart of it, it's about the money.    

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