Sunday, May 1, 2016

My Weekend Has Ended

I'm out of time.  That was it.  I had three days off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Oh right, I made a donation at the local Goodwill.  All they do is just leave you with a receipt with the number of bags you left them.  I always wanted to do this but never saw the window of opportunity.  Well, it's always there if need be.  You just itemize your own items and put them on an excel spreadsheet.

So I made this myself, because they don't count your items at the Goodwill donation center.

Since I am expecting to work "normal people" hours this year, I guess I'll be making bank this year and guess what?  Yes, you have to dish out a butt load of tax money every year if you're working full time.  Hopefully, they don't audit me.  I have video and pictures documenting my donations to Goodwill.  The last thing I want is for the IRS to come after me.

I also used one of those gift card websites to sell my Banana Republic gift card that no one wants.  The store is not for me.  It's expensive.  All you can get with $50 is a pair of jeans or 2 items off the clearance rack.  It's just a terrible place for poor people to be shopping there.  If the clearance rack can't do justice then something is wrong.  Long story short, $50 nets me $32 cash ($35 max if you use snail mail).  You have to wait a day or two for them to approve your gift card and even provide them with your credit card in the event that something wrong happens.  It's like selling a used car at the dealership.  The good news is that you can buy gift cards to almost any store for 10%-20% off.  Click my link if you're interested in signing up!

That pretty much sums up my weekend.  I also went to New York on Saturday, but I've been there so many times already that I'm sick of it.  It's never been a special place to me.  It's expensive, you have to pay tolls, there's no parking, there's dog poop all over the sidewalks, the apartments are over valued, etc.  I guess the city is not for me.  Everything is just so overpriced and expensive in comparison to living in the suburbs.  I wouldn't even trust my networking skills to keep up with the people there.  If I need some quiet time to relax and be free there would be very little time and place for that.  Everything in the city just keeps adding up in price.  I need to go some where affordable and cheap.  Thank God, I've never had to resort to picking up garbage and recycle cans for money.  I've seen those places by the pier.  No, it's not a great place to be.  No, you probably wouldn't be having much fun.  No, you probably wouldn't be making easy money.  Like anything else, recycling Coke cans in exchange for money is no different than the feeling of any other grind.  Anything involved making money usually involves having to work.  Speaking of which, I go back tomorrow.  Sadly, they've already texted me a patient that needs a x-ray in the morning.  Yeah, it's sad.  These people can't survive a day without x-rays.  It's perfect for a sustainable business model to be making money around the clock but sad at the same time.  Well, I hope everyone has a blessed weekend!  I know I will be working.

Thank you for reading my material.  I hope to add new content for next weekend when I have time to blog.  God bless!        

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