Saturday, January 14, 2017

Happy Birthday to Me

What can I say?  I'm 32 now and had to work on my birthday.  Good lord, everyone is old now.  Could my life have been any different?  No matter how hard I worked, went to school, went to work, made videos, wrote, drew, worked out, or did whatever the hell, nothing would have changed.  It would just be the same narrative as life would ordinarily throw.  Basically, I have very little or no impact on this planet except for a 9-5 job.  It's the person, I didn't do much nor have I ever seriously planned to do anything outside of the box. Tomorrow is just another day for me.  To be great, you have to have maintained a really messed up sleep schedule, network, and first and foremost be exceptionally talented in something that can gather an audience.  Failure to acquire and deploy any of these basic rules will result in an ordinary life.  We all want to hit our high note.  We all want to reach our maximum potential.  Well, I felt I did.  Whatever the hell it was I did in this life that was it.  Be stuck in a dead end job?  Listen to the school teacher and just be another boring product of society?  I'm sorry but "being good looking" can only take you so far.

If you stop and think about what's on the surface, all an individual has really is their functional business and customers.  Maybe the business hasn't been conceptualized or fully manifested yet, none the less it's still belongs under the subject manner of business.  If you absolutely don't care about anyone else but yourself, then you have no customers; therefore you have no functional business. For the vast majority of us, life on Earth is about serving or finding a way to serve others in some kind of way, shape, or form.  Blessed are those who find joy and gratitude in serving others.  Being appreciative of being able to help and serve others is what makes humanity great.

In reality, we all want to live a selfish life of not working, sitting on our ass, and making tons of money for it.  I'm sorry, but in most case scenarios, you have to work for it.  Being a generation of self entitled brats is not going to end well in any universe.  If you want something, no matter how big or small, you have to work for it.  You have to put in your time and effort.  Yes, it's going to be a little big challenging, and you'll probably be the only one to experience the pain and labor involved but that intensity of feeling is a privilege you take for granted.

Seeing how it is the weekend, I should make the most of my time having fun or at least relax.  No, it's not a money thing.  No, it's not "I don't have a car" thing.  I have both cash and money, but I'm just taking time off to recover from my brutal work week.

Thank you visiting!  Have a good week!


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