Friday, January 27, 2017

Because "You need the money"

Welcome to my final destination.  I couldn't help but notice I have 4 years of setting up my blog.  Within those years, I've enjoyed writing for fun.  Unfortunately, it has lead me to a path of financial nonexistence.  What is the point of writing if you're not making a financial impact on one's own life?  With all the knowledge I've acquired, I have no way of proving that I've accomplished anything.  It's like school and academics all over again.  By now, we all know about having a targeted audience and treating customers with respect; but just look at my results!  Holy hell, 66 cents is my lifetime earnings for my blog!  Something is horribly wrong.  I have to change.  I need to step up my game.  Good lord, if my survival was based on how well I blogged and made money off of it; it'd be the first one to die!

Yes, it has really been 4 years since my blog has been up and not a cent has been made.  I need a new plan.  Things are just not working out between me and the audience.  Yes, there are one of two of you who read my blog; but that just isn't going to cut it.  I can change!  Maybe, I can change?  Look, it says "$0.66".  I'm not even trying to be funny.  It's obvious to anyone that there needs to be change.  Perhaps this is really my full potential on steroids?  What if this is my limit?  Do I just start lying and make things up like how I went from rags to riches overnight for the sake of acquiring a new audience?  Or, do I stay humble and honest?  When all you got is 66 cents, you damn well know hardcore prostitution is your only way out of the rat race.  Seriously, I'm just not up to par where I want to be in the world of blogging.

Have I not spent the time and effort to make this blog?  What am I missing?  Should I actually buy a domain name and an actual host?  Can I even justify my content is even worth more than a $1?  Four years is long enough of time to get your bachelor's degree, and here I am churning out $0.66.  Well, at least you know I can only survive by having a real job.  Being ridiculously good looking, blogging, youtube, Spotify, or any other fad isn't going to save me anytime soon.  I've hit a hurdle.  I've hit a bump in the road.  I've crashed into a wall.  I am the chained elephant in the circus.

I've always made money working a 9-5 job, selling things online, or even investing in the stock market; but why have I never seen a cent from blogging/youtube?  Judging my experiences, blogging/youtube must take a lot more effort than you think.  I have posted some original content here and there and even reviewed some toys, but nothing has amounted more than a few cents or dollars.  What's the point in putting all this extra added effort, if I have very little or no impact on my audience?  Should I just give up like the chained elephant in the zoo?  

Well, there's no way out of this but work and try harder.  I have no other options.  Playing video games and going to strip clubs on my free time isn't exactly going to pay my bills.  I want more passive income.  I don't want to be trapped inside the rat race for the rest of my life.  I want to earn just enough to not have to work a real job.  These are some real things I really want and will die for.  I'm not entirely sure what I really, really like; or if something of my taste can even have a marketable niche.  We all like advanced technology and robots; but all that stuff is just too broad and vague, not to mention it's a very expensive field of industry.  Long story short, I would rather invest $10,000 in an already established high tech company than starting one myself.  Based on my pool of resources, I prefer be an investor as opposed to someone who owns and operates their own functioning business.  Yes, I do and can invest money into companies like stock ownership but that is only how far I will go.  Creating my own company means I'd have to take good care of my customers, which is the very same reason why I'm so iffy about it.  Yes, I do sell things online; but I don't have my own real concrete business that I'd be proud of.  I do a lot of bootstrapping and arbitrage, but it's only a hobby. I'm not the actual industry or business who creates products!  I'm just a reseller, because it's a hell a lot easier!  I make some extra cash here and there; but that is all there is to it.  There's no big name or brick and motor store.  There's no office.  There's nothing for me to be really proud of.  I just make money.  There's no ego or brand name; it's just pure sales.  Eventually, I would like to use what I've learned and turn it all into a legit business.  I know it's a huge hurdle.  I know it's a big quantum leap from operating out of your garage and a leasing your first office.  Who knows if "my business"  will ever take off?

Thank you for stopping by and reading.  I hope to do more reading and find something I'm passionate about and willing to wake up for in the morning.  Hopefully, I can turn things around and mold it all into a presentation that's worth a damn to my audience.  Have a good weekend!      

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